Marketing results in 2010

Here’s a quick question: What kind of sales results are you expecting in 2010?

By the way, if you want great results, I’ve put links to dozens of powerful ideas at the foot of this post for you!

I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners and studied thousands more and I’ve found that we are all creatures of habit, who tend to fit into 1 of the following 2 groups:

Group 1

Some of us habitually strive to achieve better and better results, by using increasingly effective marketing strategies and taking the actions required for sales and marketing success.  We know that whatever 2010 throws at us, we are masters of our own destiny and we look to the challenges of 2010 with excitement.

Group 2

These business owners habitually avoid change.  They prefer to stick with what they know, even if it’s not working.  As a direct consequence, they already know that 2010 will be a struggle.  Many have already decided to just sit tight and hope things will get better.  They look to 2010 with apprehension.

Thankfully, we each get to pick which of those groups we are in.

If you are in group 1 (and if you read this blog I am assuming you are), here are some marketing ideas to help you blow the lid off your potential in 2010:

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… and finally, here’s something for you to avoid – Marketing that makes you cringe.

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