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10 ways to get massively more sales leads!

Sales leads or enquiries, are an essential part of the marketing process.  After all, a steady flow of good quality sales leads, when acted upon correctly, can lead to a regular stream of lucrative business and allow business owners to plan ahead with confidence.

This brief post, contains 10 popular, effective lead generation ideas, which you may want to add to your marketing arsenal.

more sales leads, get more salesWhy bother?

Many small business owners make the mistake of relying too heavily on just 1 or 2 sources of leads.

The problem with that approach, is that if one of those lead sources slows down or stops delivering, you are in BIG trouble!  It’s far better to develop a wide spread of inbound, sales lead opportunities.

So, let’s get started!

Sales Leads via Word of mouth

If you want to get the marketplace talking about you to their friends, give them something to talk about!

The golden rule of generating leads via word of mouth, is that you need to be remarkable if you want people to remark on you!

Sales Leads via Email marketing

This is easily one of the most powerful forms of lead generation I have ever used.  For very little cost, a professionally copy written email marketing campaign can generate a steady supply of high quality, targeted sales leads for your business.  Don’t do like most small business owners and use amateur marketing copy, but it doesn’t work.

Sales leads via Twitter

I have personally generated well over £100,000 for my business, directly via leads I attracted via Twitter.  Sadly, I have met just a tiny number of people, who use Twitter correctly, as a form of lead / business generation.

Here’s a tip:  Be selective and don’t just follow every person and every “trend” you see!

Sales Leads via Tele Marketing

Whilst I do not recommend you try this yourself, you might want to consider using a professional telemarketing company as a source of lead generation.  This works better in some industries and countries, than others; so look before you leap.  Check out ANY telemarketing company before you consider using them and ask for references.

Sales Leads via Networking

I choose to do all my networking online these days, but whether you choose online or offline networking, the key is to network with the right kind of people.

Form associations with people, who either have a need for your services or access to people, with a need for your services.  Let them know what you do and the kind of people you work with, so they know who to recommend you to.

This will greatly increase the volume and quality of leads you get.

Sales Leads via Mail shots

Mail shots, (sometimes called direct marketing) has become an increasingly powerful way to generate leads.  With more and more marketing moving online, a hand signed letter from a fellow businessperson these days REALLY catches the reader’s attention.

Sales Leads via your Website or blog

Bottom line: Your site should be a lead generating machine for your business.

Look at the rectangular box below this post.  Every day, people read that message and click the link.  This helps produce leads for my business 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Get your site’s SEO right and get it professionally copy written, so people feel compelled to click YOUR links and get in touch.

Also, make it easy for people to contact you.  Publish your phone number and email address.  If you use a contact form, just ask for their name, email address and message.  You don’t need anything else to begin with and every extra piece of info you ask for, massively LOWERS your conversion rates!

Sales Leads via Joint Ventures and Endorsed Relationships

I have just written posts about each of these.  To find out about Joint Ventures and Endorsed Relationshipsclick the appropriate link!

Sales Leads via Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to generate leads.  I have found that a well written newsletter, which resonates with your audience, is a very effective way to position yourself as the person with the answers, to their problems.  Then, when they decide to get professional help with their problem, you are already the natural choice.

Just make sure you are approachable and that you let your readers know that you are happy to speak with them.  Tell them that they are under no obligation by contacting you and that you will treat their email or call in total confidence.

Sales Leads via Advertising

The right message, placed in the correct advertising vehicle, can produce fast, measurable results.  The reason so many small business owners claim advertising doesn’t work, is that they use amateur copy and put it in the wrong place.  I assure you, advertising works!  However, an uninspiring message sent to the wrong people, at the wrong time, doesn’t work (how could it?)  If you are thinking of advertising and you have tried before and found it didn’t work, either get a professional in – or leave it!  You can waste a lot of money with ineffective advertising.

Obviously, there are far, far too many proven ways to generate leads, than can be covered in a blog post.  However, I hope those above have got you thinking about investing in some new, lead generating activities.

I’d love to hear what you have tried in the past, either successfully or otherwise.  Please leave a comment and share your feedback.

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  1. Hi Jim. What a great list. The thing I love the best is that, with the exception of the advertising one, the other options are virtually free (from a cash perspective). They just need time and focus to do them right!
    .-= Barney Austen´s last blog ..Art Form and Emotion =-.

    • Hi Barney. As with a great deal of marketing these days, it’s possible to generate leads for a fraction of what it used to cost.

      There’s the cost of one’s time – but for a small business with some time to dedicate to marketing, limited funds are not the barrier they used to be.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the great tips to generate sales leads. I have tried speaking engagements as another tool to attract potential clients. It has worked well for me.

    Hopefully, it can be beneficial for your readers as well alongside your great recommendations.
    .-= Danielle Douglas´s last blog ..Small Business Owner: Don’t Create a Job, Create a Business! =-.

  3. Jim

    As someone who has been in the service sector all my working life – covering headhunting to funeral services(!) and now legal services – I think the trick can be summed up in two words: “Identify/Satisfy”. It sounds trite I know but you need to ruthlessly focus on the end result – lead generation is a fantastic place to start but leads are no good without close attention to conversion, retention, development and referral networking within the relationship. I think too much attention is spent to winning business without indentifying the pulse of the client and setting out to give more in value than you might receive in consideration – either in monetary terms or otherwise.

    • Hi Julian. I don’t think your idea sounds “trite” at all – you make a good point.

      However, a business without sales leads will very quickly cease to be a business.

      BTW: Not sure if you intended it as a joke or not, but in view of your sector, I did smile when you said ; “indentifying the pulse of the client”


      Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  4. Jim

    I can see the funny side of that one too … :) Thankfully my legal clients are very much alive and kicking. I think your site superb and I will follow and chip in from time to time if that is OK.

    Have a great week.
    .-= Julian Summerhayes´s last blog ..Inner peace =-.

  5. glad to know that especially now that i have started training people in sales and marketing companies.thank you a lot your daily tweets and links have been quite resourceful

  6. I do a lot of speaking. I’ve found that this serves as great “lead generation.”
    .-= Ricardo Bueno´s last blog ..Gary Vaynerchuk Talks About Passion & Building Your Personal Brand =-.

  7. Jerry Hilburn

    April 1, 2010 at 16:37

    I use twitter extensively both for my own efforts, and for clients. I teach that the only thing that matters on twitter is CONVERSATIONS.

    Follower counts are useless. Click through stats tell you nothing. But find someone to follow who is interesting, communicates back, and will converse with you and your halfway to your goal.

    Find someone who is in your demographic and start a conversation. Pretend like you have just entered a coffee shop and bought a cup. You look around and you see every table taken by one person. Pick one, ask politely to share it, and have a seat.

    Then think about it. Do you start telling that person everything there is to know about you? Or instead do you ask a question?

    You ask questions. You acknowledge. You ask more. And pretty soon, curiosity will do its job and your prospect will start asking you questions.

    And when they do, you close with answers. Not before your asked though.

    And if you do that on twitter. And you do it every day, to at least 5 people you meet there, it won’t be long before they hire you, or they tell someone about you.

    That is how twitter really works. One big coffee shop.

    2 centavos deposited…

    .-= Jerry Hilburn´s last blog ..Keyword Reports 1-2-3 =-.

  8. Jim,
    After surfing the net I discovered your site and wanted to stop in and tell you how useful I believe it may have with my company.
    Any suggestions for a guard company?

  9. All useful – I also track what companies in my area or niche prospects are doing in the papers, finding trigger points and relevant reasons to contact them. The piece that goes out is personal, relevant and eye catching enough to make them feel they might reciprocate by finding out more about me!

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