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7 ways to improve your Internet presence!

Here are seven quick tips to help you improve your online presence.

  1. If you have a section on your website or blog, called “news” either update it regularly or delete it.  When someone clicks on that page and sees that the last entry was 6 months ago, it hardly makes you or your business look dynamic.
  2. Write the copy (wording) of your site exclusively for your target prospective clients and no one else.  If you are reading this, it’s almost certain that you are the owner of a business – that’s because you are the person I write for.  Everything I do here, is designed for you.  A message that is 100% relevant to a target group of people will generate massively better results, than a message that tries to be all things to all people.  If you want to work with your ideal type of clients, write just for them and stop trying to please everyone.
  3. If you ask people to comment on your blog or email you, you owe it to them to reply (if a reply is necessary.)  I find it amazing that even the top social media gurus get this wrong.  They ask for comments and then ignore 75% of them.
  4. Look before you link!  What do you think it says about you and your professionalism, if prospective clients visit your site and see that you link to sites that are unprofessional?  The power of association is incredible.  Show that you associate with great people and brands.
  5. If you have a blog, it’s nice occasionally to tell your readers how great some other people or companies are.  Don’t just talk about yourself.  It shows confidence and class.  BTW: Most of the people I tell my readers about on my blog are fellow marketing guys; my supposed competition.  If they provide useful, valuable content, I want you to know about them!
  6. On the subject of blogging, it’s not for everyone.  I find it amazing when I hear social media gurus telling everyone to get a blog.  Here’s the problem with that: Not everyone wants to write or enjoys writing.  If you don’t like writing or find it hard to come up with interesting ideas – leave it!  A poorly written blog that’s seldom updated, is not going to help you achieve anything.
  7. If you make a claim on your site or social network, make sure you can back it up.  My friend Irene Koehler from almostsavvy.com met the top tech journalist and blogger Robert Scoble at an event in San Francisco last year.  She introduced herself to Robert, by saying that they had a mutual contact; Jim Connolly from the UK.  Scoble smiled, said yes and asked her to say “hi” to me.  Can you imagine how bad I would have looked, if I had told her we knew each other, and he told her that he’d never heard of me?  If we make a claim about who we know or what we have achieved, it better be true; because it’s never been easier to bust a fake!

So, what tip or tips would you like to add to that list?

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  1. Very useful, Jim.

    I would add – if you are blogging, just post your very best material. Me-diocre, self-oriented broadcasting just makes people run a mile.

    Thanks to guys like you and @ScottGould, the standard just keeps getting higher.

    Well done, Jim.

    Your blog is an outstanding business-growth resource.

    Robin :)

    • Thanks for the kind words mate!

      I agree regarding blogging only when you have something to say. Great point. Thanks for the comment, Robin.

  2. Jim: love the list of tips!

    I’ve been rethinking my digital footprint for the last couple of days/weeks. I feel that I’m making some excellent progress on where I am, where I want to be. I think each of the points that you’ve outlined here is dead on.

    For some reason I feel like sharing a Yoda quote here (don’t ask me why, it’s random I know): “Do or do not. There is no try.”

    Here’s what I mean and why I think it’s relevant. I think too often people do things 50% of the way. It’s half effort. I think that if you’re going to do something you either have to go big or do nothing at all. Don’t start a new profile in a new community if you don’t intend to participate there. Don’t setup a new blog and put in half the effort in a design and the quality of the content. If you’re going to do that, don’t do anything at all. Just my opinion. Hope that makes sense.
    .-= Ricardo Bueno´s last blog ..One Blog Post A Day Challenge =-.

    • Excellent point. We live in an extremely competitive world and the marketplace has never had access to more information.

      The belief that any of us can go into something half-assed and still get what we want is nuts!

      I love that Yoda quote: BIG Star Wars fans in my house 😉

      Thanks for the comment Ricardo!

  3. Vincent Roman

    May 5, 2010 at 19:11

    Full of good tips as per usual :)
    .-= Vincent Roman´s last blog ..Define: Dogma =-.

  4. Great post and comments, solid advice that anyone thinking of blogging and/or social networking would be wise to take on board.

  5. 1. couldn’t agree more.
    2. sometimes getting copy can be like pulling teeth with your own fingers.
    3. should be business courtesy 101.3

    Blogging, yes, get rid of it if you’re not going to do it. Almost ties into #1. Speaking of social network gurus, what are they drinking that makes them go goo goo on twitter and facebook? I get it, but it’s not for every business, and doesn’t mean you’re going to make a million because you tweet.

  6. Great post with some great tips for anyone starting their own site.

    The point you make about regular updates is key. If you have an old looking site yet your competitiors is packed with latest news items you can bet a prospective client will choose your competitor.

  7. Very good post, I think you cover all the main bases such as engage with your community, be honest and social proof.

    I recommend using other media channels and this can go two ways:

    1. Use sites such as YouTube, Ustream, Soundcloud, etc to develop content.

    2. Other than writing on your site, try making a video or a podcast.

    Stu :)

  8. Thank you JIm! I think that you are spot on.
    Much appreciated,
    Audrey N Rubinstein

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