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Small things can make a BIG difference!

How would you like to create a massive, positive impact in your marketplace?

Simple: Do some small things every day!

Over the years, I have found that success is seldom the result of a single, enormous action.  Instead, it comes from doing small things every day.  Each day, I make sure that as well as my regular workload, I take some time out to help others in small ways.

For example:

  • If I see someone on Twitter, who has a problem that I can help them with, I will often give them a quick call.  I usually limit the call to 15 minutes and I don’t do this every day, but you would be amazed at the kind of response this simple act creates.
  • If I use a photographer’s work here on the blog, I give them a name credit and link to their Flickr account, so others can check them out.  Many have thanked me and a few have even blogged about it.
  • I have had many blog comments, tweets and emails from people, simply because I ask people to join me on Twitter – not follow me on Twitter.  In my opinion, the idea of  social media rockstars is not only wrong, it makes me cringe!
  • When you leave a comment on this blog, if your name is included in your comment, I use your name as part of my reply.  I would use your name if we met, so why not use it when we meet here on the blog?  Again, this is commented on often

Each of the things listed above are just typical parts of my working week.  I’m sure there are others, which I do on auto-pilot and am not even consciously aware of.  These things are not deliberately done simply for effect, but from a career long belief I have had about the importance of making a positive contribution.

What do YOU do in order to make a difference within your marketplace?  Let us know!

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  1. Hi Jim,
    One of the things that I like to do that is really appreciated is to always be thinking about who you know and who you meet and who would benefit from a connection or an introduction. I find that contacts and customers love it when they find out that you are thinking about them even when you are not with them. Great way to build brand, loyalty and retention.

    .-= Adrian Swinscoe´s last blog ..To Brand or Not to Brand… Isn’t the Answer Obvious? =-.

    • It’s always great to know that there are people, out there in the marketplace, saying positive things about you.

      Good point Adrian – thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jim,
    One of the things I like to do is if I see a resource or some information I think will be really interesting or useful to a particular person, I will email them the link. Have had a lot of positive response from doing this very small thing which takes almost no time at all.
    If I think it will be of interest to a wider number of people I share it on twitter. Again, people seem to appreciate useful information being shared.
    So many people out there are just pushing their own stuff down people’s throats at every opportunity that I think it stands out when you genuinely want to help others in some way with no strings attached. It builds trust and genuine relationships. “Caring” about others is what it is all about for me. Something lacking in many sections of the business community.
    .-= Ali Davies´s last blog ..Are You Trying to be a Superhero? =-.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Small things matter the most. We can often get wrapped up in our own little world that we either forget or don’t think about others. Give someone a call to let you know you appreciate them. Send a card to your clients thanking them for their business. I like the flicr thing you do Jim, – will incorporate that into what I am doing. People appreciate and remember the little things. Great post, thanks for sharing – Cheers!
    .-= Mark Harai´s last blog ..Give Liberally to Others =-.

    • Hello Mark,

      I find it amazing how many bloggers use images without attribution. If you enjoy someone’s work enough to use it, it’s only right to give them the credit. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. And this Jim is why you are a rockstar! With so many people trying to only self promote and not really get to know others, it is refreshing to know that there are others who do truly value social media for what it is meant to be. In real life you would not go to someone and instantly give them a sales pitch – you would get to know them so you can build trust. It should clearly be the same in the social media world!

    I have always been the type to try and help with things that are my specialty – not expecting anything in return, just for the joy of helping others. But I have found I am the minority here.

    I hope others read this post and really evaluate how they are using social media! Off to share on Twitter….

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for the kind words. You are quite right about the amount of pushy people; those who use social media as a way to “sell AT you” rather develop relationships.

  5. Great stuff Jim.

    I’m guessing that – on many levels – we probably have your parents to thank for the way you look for and do “the little things” so consistently. Likewise, I can’t imagine many of your readers aren’t unaccustomed to treating people with thoughtful kindness and respect. That said, it’s easy to get busy, and all too easy to neglect “the little things” – so I appreciate the reminder (and ideas).
    .-= Jon Aston´s last blog ..A Kind of Special Photo Credit =-.

    • PS – I sure hope I got that “double-negative” right!

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for the feedback. In the rush for success, many people sabotage themselves without knowing – always focusing on the next BIOG deal.

      Sometimes, something as “small” as a reminder can make a difference 😉

  6. totally off subject – but if you were to combine the genes of John Travolta with Bruce Willis 😉
    .-= Chris Hill´s last blog ..Holt (Australia) =-.

  7. I have also had success with helping people on Twitter. I send them @messages when they have technical problems with their computer. I helped Pink with an issue on her Blackberry one time.
    .-= Brandon Connell´s last blog ..Blocked Content/Forced Newsletter: How to instantly lose readers =-.

  8. Nice everyday secrets, and also really simple but effective example of giving more when you want more.
    And you’ve added an nice touch to Twitter by asking people to join you, it says “talk to me”, not “listen to what I’m saying”. And that’s what it’s all about, really.

  9. This post makes me smile because it reminds me of the way I felt when I first discovered social media. I was excited back then because I had tapped into a new and generous world which would help me on my way.
    I am slightly more cynical now! I have met many wonderful people who are truly generous and also some who are just fronts for businesses who don’t care any more now than they did before about really engaging with other human beings.
    I am going to treat today as the chance to renew my faith and set forth again with hope!

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