Small things can make a BIG difference!

How would you like to create a massive, positive impact in your marketplace?

Simple: Do some small things every day!

Over the years, I have found that success is seldom the result of a single, enormous action.  Instead, it comes from doing small things every day.  Each day, I make sure that as well as my regular workload, I take some time out to help others in small ways.

For example:

  • If I see someone on Twitter, who has a problem that I can help them with, I will often give them a quick call.  I usually limit the call to 15 minutes and I don’t do this every day, but you would be amazed at the kind of response this simple act creates.
  • If I use a photographer’s work here on the blog, I give them a name credit and link to their Flickr account, so others can check them out.  Many have thanked me and a few have even blogged about it.
  • I have had many blog comments, tweets and emails from people, simply because I ask people to join me on Twitter – not follow me on Twitter.  In my opinion, the idea of  social media rockstars is not only wrong, it makes me cringe!
  • When you leave a comment on this blog, if your name is included in your comment, I use your name as part of my reply.  I would use your name if we met, so why not use it when we meet here on the blog?  Again, this is commented on often

Each of the things listed above are just typical parts of my working week.  I’m sure there are others, which I do on auto-pilot and am not even consciously aware of.  These things are not deliberately done simply for effect, but from a career long belief I have had about the importance of making a positive contribution.

What do YOU do in order to make a difference within your marketplace?  Let us know!

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