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Very rarely, something comes along that I absolutely have to share with you.  I’m delighted to say that today is one of those days!

Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio

brian clark, copyblogger, radio showToday, I want to recommend you go and check out Brian Clark and Robert Bruce’s new Internet radio show: Internet Marketing for Smart People.  The show is just 2 editions old and the content is, as you would expect from these guys, marketing gold dust.

If you click the link above, there’s information on how to subscribe to the show on iTunes and also a link, so you can download the mp3.

When you’ve done that, I strongly suggest you take a look around the rest of the site!

Brian Clark & Copyblogger

In case some of you don’t know who Brian Clark is, Brian is one of the best in the business at what he does: Content marketing.  Brian’s blog,, is best in class, in my opinion and contains regular posts from the extremely talented Sonia Simone, as well as a variety of guest contributors.

I have been a Copyblogger subscriber for years and strongly recommend both the blog and the new radio show.  It’s essential information for anyone interested in marketing, copywriting and how the two work together to create results.

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