An exciting new service from Jim Connolly!

I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new service, for those of you who are interested in developing additional sources of highly valuable, repeat income.

I believe this is the most valuable service I have launched in the past 10 years!

Just like my neighbours, there was a period of 5 days last week where I was snowed in.  However, unlike my neighbours, this had zero impact on my income or business.  That’s because the vast majority of my income is residualResidual income development is what this new service is all about.

For example, when someone buys my audio program from this site, the transaction is completed and the funds deposited into my bank regardless of whether I am in the gym, having lunch or playing with my son.  I invested a week writing it and 2 days recording it.  That was 5 years ago, and it still sells to people all over the world, generating tens of thousands of pounds worth of ongoing, almost pure profit in the process.  Not bad for a few days worth of enjoyable work.

Do you run a business or a self employed job?

I was quoted in The New York Times recently, regarding how most small business owners do not actually run a business, they simply run a self-employed job. The Times agreed!  In most cases, a small business owner needs to deliver X number of hours worth of work, for X amount of money.  The challenges business owners face when developing their income around this model include:

  • As my neighbours discovered, if they don’t show up at the office, their income drops, or stops.
  • When they take a holiday, their income stops (which is why so many small business owners take so few breaks!)
  • If they get ill, their income stops.
  • When they retire, their income drops.  At the point in their lives, where they need most money, they have even less and have to cut back.
  • Their income is capped all their working lives, because the number of hours they can work is capped.

I recommend a better approach

I suggest you get away from that model as soon as you can.  My new service is about developing something of value, which you create once and earn from many times; like the sales manuals that companies pay me for.  I write a sales manual once, which companies all over the world buy for their sales teams.  They pay me a license fee each year for using the manual.  I have manuals that were written a decade ago, which still generate revenue every year.

It’s not free money of course.  The first sale, of the first manual pays for my time, the following sales are then sources of extremely profitable, repeat income.  Like the audio program I mentioned earlier, this is an example of how to develop new income streams from what you know.  I have 18 different streams of income, which I currently earn from.  It’s not a magic formula, but it is an enjoyable, highly profitable way to make money from your knowledge.

Introducing my brand new service

Since I first started mentioning residual income on the blog, it’s not just The New York Times that picked up on it.  A number of you have emailed me to find out more on how to develop the right income streams for you and your business.

In view of this incredible level of interest, I am launching a brand new service in January, where I will show you how to identify and then develop and market your own residual income streams.  It’s a wonderful opportunity.

What next?

If you are interested in developing new, residual incomes for YOUR business and would like to know how my new service can help you, simply email me at Jim(@) with:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Email address & Country.

I will then make sure you are the first to know, when the full details are announced.  Places will be limited, so if you are interested, get in touch as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

Let’s work together and grow your business. To find out more click here!

Remember -- if you'd like some help with your business or a project, you can Pick My Brain for the answers and ideas you need. This service is [literally] guaranteed to help you. You can find out more here.

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