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So, what areas of marketing or business development, would you like to know more about?

Your feedback please

Your feedback is really important and will help shape the content I cover, so please take a moment to leave a comment and let me know what you want to see here.

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  1. Twitter tool tips, I know you can use Advanced Search to geo target Twitter users but how about tools? Are there any tips on really useful Twitter tools to do this?
    Also I notice you’ve not got a Facebook category? Is this a social network not worth actively marketing on?

    • Thanks for the feedback Elliott.

      Unless you want (and I don’t) a massive list of categories, you have to be selective. Facebook can be a useful marketing tool, just like email marketing, web design, psychology, professional speaking, guest blogging and scores of other subjects that are included within other other categories. Hope that helps mate?

      • Ok looks like I need to delve deeper in to your categories then – thanks.
        You do have a twitter category though and I would have thought that Facebook with probably over 5 millions users it would be a top level category?

  2. I’d like you to focus on copywriting. It is something you do really well & your tips would be appreciated.


  3. How to spread the word about your service, make yourself known, get new customers.

  4. I would love to learn more about affiliate marketing. I understand the concept, know some of the players, but  I would be interested in learning how to spot fraud, what do black hat affiliates do to make more money and how as a marketing executive I can spot the fraud and remove them from the program. 



  5. Would like to have a step by step on creating ebooks. Not so much writing copy inside but some hints on set up, layout.

    How to do covers, resources etc. Look forward to your posts. You’re to the point and short.

  6. I would info on small businesses obtaining sponsorship, valuation, dashboards, etc

    Your blog is one of the best marketing blogs. Thank you for providing such great value.

  7. I would like businesses, both small and large, to learn the benefits of going out on a limb with their creative. In my experience, too many marketers love to see edgy copy and images that really nail their message – but they’re too afraid to go with it. I once had an account executive who refused to show an ad to a client because he was worried that “people will notice it!”

    There’s such pressure in businesses to conform, and it’s a shame. I think we need to inspire marketers to take the risks that could produce huge payoffs.

  8. I am a new reader of your blog. I would love advice on SEO and marketing to women.

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