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Improve your cash flow with this 1 important marketing tip

Have you ever had clients, who refused to pay you on time?  If you have, you may find this post extremely useful!

Marketing and cash flow

The easiest way to avoid these low-value clients from hurting your business, is not to work with them in the first place.  I have not had a late payer in 15 years, because I don’t target those idiots with my marketing.  As a direct result, the clients I attract are people like you; professional people who don’t accept services, knowing they can’t pay for them.  If you want to attract great clients, read this!

Make no mistake, those selfish bastards will ruin you, if you decide to work with them.  The reality is that more businesses go broke because of bad cash flow, than because of a lack of earnings.

I was prompted to write this post, after a wonderful person who wanted to work with me lost her place, because of money owed to her, which was massively overdue.  She has lost an amazing opportunity, all because a major client of hers decided (yet again) that he was going to make her wait months and months and months for money he owes her.  She believes she needs his business.  I believe she doesn’t.  No one needs clients like that.

Professional marketing repels deliberate late payers

Professional marketing includes setting the scene with prospective clients, so they know what to expect when working with you.  This includes making it clear, that you are not prepared to work with deliberate late payers.  Deliberate late payers are those people, who have the funds to pay you, but elect not to; either as a power trip or because THEY think YOU are just not important enough. Let me reiterate: I’m not referring to someone, who is very occasionally a little late paying you.  I’m talking about those who believe it’s perfectly OK to deliberately withhold your money.  I have met many hard working people, who went broke thanks to deliberate late payers starving them of essential cash flow.

You don’t lose anything of value, by repelling those assholes before they can hurt your business.  In fact, it is impossible to grow a successful business, working with deliberate late payers.  They kill your finances, drain your energy and leave you unable to invest in the essential services your business needs, in order to grow.

Developing a great client base of people who value you, respect you and PAY you, is one of the best reasons to invest in professional marketing.

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  1. Wise words, Jim!!

    It never ceases to amze me how people think that they can use a service and then just not pay for it.

    One of the solutions I came up with for my business was to lay out everything clearly at the start of the relationship. I’d always told clients what they could expect from using our service…now, I also tell them what I expect in return, which includes being paid on time, every time!

    • Hi Stuart. In my experience, it’s a certain type of person too. Life’s too short to waste it doing business with those assholes.

      Your competitors can have them 😉

  2. So familiar with this one Jim. Previously I had vendors who delayed and delayed payment. It culminated in having to go to their office, dig through their accounts and point out the money I was owed. The check was for over $100k.

    That was one of the reasons why I don’t want to provide services for that type of entity again. They believe that either you are too small to make trouble or that you are a bank that they can float a loan from. Totally ridiculous.

  3. Hi Jim,
    This reminds me of a conversation we had a few days ago. I think this is good advice, it is just hard to take at first. The amount of selfish losers out there is high! Thanks for your wise words and I will be changing my perspective on this, starting..now. :)


  4. I agree…mostly. This is a very valuable lesson we learned early on and now require payments upfront and stop work when invoices are more than 30 days past due. But, as we grow, we also begin work with more Fortune 100 companies, who won’t pay deposits and don’t pay before 90 days. So the strategy is not to not work with them, but to make sure cash flow can support us while they take their time in paying their partners. It’s an ongoing balancing act.

    • Hi Gini. Always a pleasure to see you visit the blog.

      Over the past 16 years, I have worked exclusively via payment in advance and it’s worked extremely well.

      However, there’s a BIG caveat!

      I’m an attraction marketing guy. I don’t tender for contracts or projects, like most service providers. I don’t submit quotes either. All my clients come via inbound inquiries.

      I think this makes a huge difference. Because people come to me, usually looking for the answer to a pressing problem, they are always flexible enough to pay be on my terms. If I went to them looking for business, my approach wouldn’t work as effectively at all.

      Whether working with people from Disney, HSBC bank, Rothschild’s or a small business owner via my marketing program, people have always been happy to pay up front.

      I have often (VERY often), had people from large corporations, have to move money around in order to pay me; because their regular terms insist on 30 days. But they do it.

      It may have lost be business over the years, but I have always been extremely busy and never had a cash flow issue.

  5. Hey Jim,

    It’s my pleasure reading your wise hints, we do have the same problem in here and I guess that the clients thought they are so clever by just delying payments, as they want to gain more time for their own investment benefits.
    But all in all I totally agree with you, as per the exchange fluctuation every where which will reflects at the company’s return of investment!

    So client who does’nt respect my payments schedule does’nt deserve my service in return.
    and let my competitors have them:)


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