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Business is all about people, so connect!


Today, there is so much information flooding the marketplace, that it’s hard to get noticed.

Your marketing messages are fighting for attention, in an sea of; tweets, Facebook updates, blog posts, emails…. you get the picture!

Reach out

So, here’s a suggestion.  As well as making your marketing messages as attractive as possible, how about you also work hard to reach out and connect with people.  I’m talking about allocating some outreach time into your working week.

You see, the people who are being swamped with all that information, ultimately wade through it on a pretty superficial level.  They scanThey don’t absorb. What resonates, is the deeper stuff:  The personal touch.

Outreach is enormously rewarding on many levels, however, it can be time consuming work.  But that’s OK.  You don’t need to connect one-to-one with everyone in your marketplace.  Just connect with people as often as you can, in the time you have allocated for your outreach work.

The impact you create, by relating to people on a human level, is far more likely to inspire them to amplify your message and increase your reach / influence.  It’s a beautiful and effective way to do business.  It takes business back to basics, because business is all about people.

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  1. AB-SO-LUTE-LY :)

    In every instance, when someones taken time to connect with me it has totally changed how I feel about them. I also remember them a lot more than the people who just blast tweets out.

    Yey humans :)

    • Hi Jill. (Loved “Yay humans!”)

      The kind of deeper connection you mention, has so much more impact. I can totally see how and why it resonated so well with you. It’s the natural response.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. You’re right. Most people these days feel a lack of the personal touch and humanity from most human interactions.. Even just the slightest personal touch can make someone feel appreciated.

  3. Thank you! I am doing this, Jim, and I never thought to verbalize it. What a great idea to suggest to others that they reach out and touch someone on a level s/he cares about, personally, individually. We’re all so “busy”, but isn’t it nice when someone stops to make time for us? Ah, thank you.

    Thank you, Jim, for connecting with me last week.

    I’m going to do more of it, and somehow recommend others do it as well.

    Be blessed today, my friend.

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