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Google+ Not me too!

A lot of people have asked me if I will be writing a review post this weekend, about the new Google+ service.  I managed to get an invite on day 3 of the pre launch and have been very impressed with it.  However, this early on, all anyone can say for certain is that it looks interesting.  You can join me on Google+ here.

But no, I am not going to review Google+

Here’s why!

There are already hundreds of posts written about Google+ saying almost the same thing.  For me to simply add to that noise would be of no value.  I spent 30 minutes this morning, reading 10 posts about Google+.  If you had read any one of those posts, you would have had no need to read the other 9. They all offered a very similar breakdown of all the key features and then the blogger either said it would fly, or flop.  That’s all anyone can say now.  None of the posts I read offered anything original; just comparisons to Facebook etc, lists of features and what’s great and what they think is missing from the product.

Me too posts

I try and avoid writing what are called me too posts.  Me too posts tend to be very similar (hence the name) and I believe that my posts should offer you something original or at least an original view point.  Anything I wrote today would have been me too. That kind of review post is great for news blogs (and Google+ IS big news).  I see little point, however, in me too saying that Google+ rocks or sucks and telling you what the features are, yet with no user data or ‘stats, that’s about as deep as anyone can go, today.  Plus, that post has already been written hundreds of times in the past 24 hours.

Of course, any posts written today will also be inaccurate and outdated extremely quickly, as the Google+ team are rolling out changes very fast right now.  I have already seen one big change in the past 12 hours alone, (which those reviewers all missed.)

Over the coming weeks, as more people are invited to join (it’s mainly geeks and early adopters now), we will start seeing some worthwhile data.  We will also get an idea as to how fast (or slow) Google+ is growing.

I will be talking about Google+ in the near future, but not until opinions can be formed on facts and hard data (rather than guesses and first looks).

If you are using Google+ I’d love you to connect with me here.

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  1. Those me too posts are a good way to sniff out the mee too bloggers.

    Its like on holidays. You see the me too bloggers with their “10 things Mothers Day teaches us about social media”. All writing the same predictable dross.

    No doubt the usual suspects will be writing their googleplus posts this week end too!?!

  2. You smashed the nail on the head with this article mr connolly. you can almost guess who will write them me too posts as you call them.
    when i saw the title of this on twitter i thought nooooo, jims reviewing it now to. happy to see i was wrong.

  3. LOVE your post Jim: thanks for pointing me to it. It’s a comfort to my swimming, spinning head to simply have taken in the info to date…then wait. I’m not an early-adopter; I’m already overwhelmed with “learning” and there’s TMI and TMO (too much info and too many options) in my world already. I’m a watch ‘n see on this one. Cheers! Kaarina

  4. Hi Jim – I’ve seen a ton of the same posts too and so far I don’t really see that much in Google+ to write about anyhow. There are what, 3 features total each with some sub-features? I think the most value I got out of any of them was that I could switch GMail to a new “Preview” theme that makes GMail look like Google+. After that it’s all pretty much 😛

  5. Great attitude Jim. As you say, with no data and hard facts, no one at this point can say if Google+ is going to be an essential part of the web.

    It won’t be for everyone I’m sure, in the same way some people prefer to use Facebook over Twitter, and vice versa.

    I’m yet to receive an invite even though a friend sent one through, so it seems they have hit capacity for now. I’m very keen to see how well Hangouts works personally.

  6. This is a good post Jim. It is best for people to be unique and avoid me too marketing altogether. It’s just like opening up a fast food joint that is the same as the rest. If it is not different from the rest people won’t visit, it will be harder to promote, and people will think the owners are a copy cat.

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