The truth about badmouthing your competitors!

There are 2 routes, which we can take in order to improve how highly we rank as a provider within our marketplace:

  1. badmouth competitors, badmouthing competitorsInvest in our development, strive to continuously improve and learn to be of as much value as possible. (Highly effective)
  2. Invest our time bad-mouthing our competitors and belittling their work. (Ineffective and self-defeating.)

The first option is all about growth, contribution and longevity. The second option is all about hate, venom and short-term thinking.

Before you tell someone that one of your competitors is an idiot, be aware that they may think you are just saying it in order to make yourself look good. If they do, you will lose their respect and any chance of doing business with them.

You gain nothing by slamming your competitors. In fact, by attacking them, you will almost certainly hurt your own business far more than theirs.

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