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How to build a valuable client list and a more profitable business

The way to build a great client list, is to feed your business with high quality leads, from your ideal profile of client.

It’s actually pretty simple to see how targeted your marketing has been up until now.  You just need to take a look at the quality and volume of the leads or inquiries your marketing generates.  If you tend to attract:

  • Leads from people who are fee sensitive
  • Leads from people, who you know will be a nightmare to work with
  • Too few leads

…then your marketing is clearly not effectively targeting the right people with the correct message.  You need to fix that quickly!

The quality of your client base will have a direct impact on the quality of your business and also your quality of life.  Because my marketing is targeted, I already know you are a small business owner and that you often work long hours too.  Working long hours on projects for low quality clients is stressful, unrewarding and frustrating.  You deserve better than that!

So, get specific

One of the first things I do when I start working with a new client, is to determine what their ideal client looks like.  From that point onward, everything we do is designed to attract these high quality, prospective clients.  By using marketing, which I design to be directly relevant to these extremely valuable people, my clients are able to redesign their client list and their business.  This has a positive impact on every element of their business and their quality of life.  It’s rewarding, fun and very profitable for them.

I suggest you do the same.  Get specific.  Understand that for your marketing to work, it needs to be directly relevant ONLY to your ideal profile of client. This is what makes it powerful enough to inspire people to take action and contact you. Your marketing can only be that compelling, when you speak directly to the right people, with the correct message.

If you would like me to help you, let me know.

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  1. Thanks, Jim. One of the main problems I have dealing with trying to find the ideal client, is that I tend to have clients now, that I would like to fire, but I can’t because of the income stream. I just think that now, as I work on identifying my ideal client, and I start to get them, I will let go of those clients that are bringing me down. Do you think that is harsh? I just think I need to do what is best for my business.

  2. I’m in a very bad place right now, Jim.

    I have a client who makes up almost 80% of our revenues. She treats me and my team like dirt and knows we need her. She pays us late and thinks its funny.

    I would love to be able to have a lot more options. This is worse than working for a boss. It’s ruining my business and stressing me out of my mind.

    • Hi Jeff. Call me direct on 01427 891274 and I will show you how to turn this around.

      No one deserves to have to work under those conditions!

      Call me and I will help you, 100% free of charge.

  3. Hey there!

    Yes, agreed. That is what I am in the process of really defining and honing in on what I want my ideal client/demographic to be. I am a bit broad as to who I target and I know that…


  4. I have just started my advertising agency and I love the advice you provide in this article. I am also going to draft a profile of my ideal client. It is clear from your article and people’s comments that it is very important that I do that. Thank You!

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