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Every time you follow the flock, you become a little more invisible.  Now, if you are trying to avoid being noticed, that’s a very useful tactic.  However, if you are a business owner seeking to attract the attention of your marketplace, it’s not such a wise move.

Fear as your compass

The more of your original self, which you incorporate into your marketing, the more visible you become.  The challenge here, is that it takes a lot of courage to be yourself and express your own opinions.  It’s far easier to do what the sheep do, by saying nothing original and adopting the beliefs and opinions of the rest of the flock.

In my experience, those who express themselves honestly and those who are too fearful to express what they believe, both use fear as their compass.  Where the difference comes, is in the way they navigate with that compass.

  • Those who feel the need to; join the tribes, use the buzz words, offer “me too” opinions, follow the gurus and express only what they believe will not be challenged, use the fear as a control to stop them expressing their unique opinions.
  • Those who lead the tribes, are copied and respected by the gurus and who express our true opinions, use the fear as confirmation to proceed and do work that matters.

In every case, my greatest victories came when I felt the fear and did it anyway:

  • Setting up my business.
  • Resetting my Twitter account to zero in February 2009, when I was one of the top 50 most followed people in the world on Twitter.
  • Deciding to leave London and move to a beautiful village in the countryside, leaving a great, 6 figure marketing business behind me.
  • … You get the picture.

Your compass.  Your choice

If you believe something you want to do or say is right, yet you are worried that people may disagree with you or question you, you have 2 options.  You can either pull back and get in line with the sheep or you can use that fear as a compass, to guide you into your own unique position in the marketplace.

If you lack visibility right now, I strongly suggest you consider the second of those options.  It might just be that turning point you have been searching for!

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  1. Thanks Jim, this post just gave me the inspiration and courage to speak out about a subject in my market. The only reason I haven’t done so is because so many of the sheep and industry players take part in a particular voting poll each year, namely the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.

    Questioning the authority of the poll should bring up a good debate, and I want to point out that it is not the be all and end all to being a recognised DJ.

    Option 2 it is!

    • Hi Stuart. One of the many, many benefits of this approach, is that as well as gaining you visibility it can be extremely educational.

      You learn a great deal more, when people question your point; which often happens when your beliefs are not part of the flock.

      Let me know how you get on and what the learning is.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Well I posted the article yesterday and today I had DJ Mag retweet and post a Facebook status about it.

        What I have learnt: I think I have to accept that there are elements to trance music that can be compared to any other music genre – i.e. There are big egos and PR firms at work trying to make a buck. Hell, even I want a piece of the pie 😉 So the poll is as it is, and I’ll do what I can to help who I think deserves to be featured.

        More importantly, I have learnt that if you speak out and catch the attention of the media (in this case a dance music magazine), you attract over 800 extra visitors, and the day is not even done yet!!

        Thank you for this post Jim, I wouldn’t of possibly wrote the post without the following sentence…

        If you believe something you want to do or say is right, yet you are worried that people may disagree with you or question you, you have 2 options.

        • That’s fantastic Stuart.

          I hope other will learn from how you put the idea behind this post, into action – And do it for themselves.

          Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Jim,
    You’re totally on the money here.

    Every blog I read is written by people who refuse to follow the pack. Every opinion I respect is from those who have opinions of their own.

    That safe place in the crowd is lousy if you want to make it in your business.

  3. Jim.
    It’s been about 6 months since I started to blog and mess about with the online stuff!
    One post you put on your site made me really think.
    Am I ready to be in business? Am I ready to help?
    Am I ready?
    I have thought long and hard and I am not ready yet!
    But I will be soon enough.
    I’m not talking about perfect, just ready, competent to do a customer right and benefit them.
    I really appreciate your position and probably think more about your short and pointed posts than anyone else online.
    Thanks Billy

    • Hi Billy. Many thanks for your kind words, regarding my work.

      Regarding when to start, don’t set your bar too high. Get the information you need, take the best advice you can get and if the light is green, go.

  4. This is the exact messages i am looking for to help me drive my personal training business. Having your own ideas it reminds me of when people told me why do i let my clients cancel at anytime for contracts because they say i am losing money but it is that same exact reason my business has grown because i have something from my clients that most gyms dont have. …Their trust.

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