The secret to unlocking your amazing creativity

Would you like to become a creative thinking powerhouse?  If you would, then today’s post may be just what you need!

I used to work with a guy who had a thinking cap.  He said that when he needed to be creative, if he wore his thinking cap, it would help him generate the ideas he needed.

Did it work?  Yes.  Absolutely… for him!

But here’s the thing: If you wore his thinking cap, you may not find it so effective.  Unless you believed all the things he did about that old cap, you’d quickly figure out that it is, in fact, just a normal cap and that he generated all those ideas himself.

Similarly, if you used the same tools as me for generating ideas (coffee, lots of green tea, audio recorders, paper, ink pens and music), you’d be unlikely to get the same creative flow that I get from them.

It’s not platitudes: You truly are unique

You think like no one else who has ever existed.  Your unique mind and all those experiences you have lived through, have created an astonishing, uniquely creativity machine.  If you want to tap into that creativity, do what feels most natural to you.  It may involve a thinking cap.  It may involve using an ink pen and some paper.  However, it’s just as likely to involve meditating or using a mind map or taking a long walk or listening to classical music or getting on an exercise bike or dancing to James Brown!

Sadly, many people wrongly believe that they are not creative, because they followed a creativity strategy from a book or a course, which didn’t work for them.  Ironically, the very fact that generic “how to get creative” bullshit doesn’t work for you, only confirms how original your own mind truly is!

Here’s a suggestion:  Be yourself.  Trust your ability to think creatively.  Then, try 1 new way to inspire your creativity each day.  Rule nothing in or out (and that includes having fun!)  Then, put the ideas that worked together, to build YOUR very own creative toolbox.

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