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The day everything improves for you

Today is my 46th birthday and I will start the day with the same commitment I make every year at this time.  I will promise to become a year better over the coming 12 months, rather than just a year older.

I have often listened to business owners boldly proclaiming that they have 20 year’s worth of experience in their field, when in reality, they have just a few years worth of experience, which they keep repeating.  They mistake movement for progress and end up with similar frustrations in year 20, to those they had in year 2.

Older and wiser?

Older does not always equal wiser because longevity and competence are not the same thing.  There are people reading this right now, who have been struggling to grow their business for years, yet have never hired the specialist help they know they need.

We all know people who make the same basic errors year after year, then blame their luck, the economy, their star-sign or their past, for their lack of progress.  In reality we know that nothing improves until we do.  If we keep doing what we have always done, we will keep getting what we have always got.

The day everything improves for you

You don’t need to wait until your birthday or the New Year, before you make the commitment to massively improve your future.

  • Today can be the day you decide to stop dabbling with your business development and get the help you know you need.
  • Today can be the day you start writing that book.
  • Today can be the day you start working on one of those great ideas you had.
  • Today can be the day you fire that client who is sucking the life out of your business.
  • Today can be the day you stop following the flock and be yourself.
  • Today can be the day you decide to start building a wall of financial security around the people you love, which nothing can penetrate.

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. Happy Birthday (again) and thanks for the great post. I love your reminders about the best ways to get on in business!

  2. Thanks Shona!

  3. Hallo Jim.

    This is my first comment here, though I have read your blog for a couple of years. I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday and tell you that the inspiration of your words has literally saved my business.

    At the start of this year, I was within 12 hours of calling my accountant to set the wheels in motion to close my business. I then read a post of yours and decided to improve and fight on.

    This year will be the best financially in the 7 years we have been trading and *you*are a huge part of that Jim. I know I am speaking for many when I tell you that the value you give us here every day is greater than most of the paid services out there.

    Thanks Jim and happy birthday!

  4. The biggest, happiest, most wonderful birthday blessings to you Jim!

    May today be even a slice of the gift to you that you give to others … if so, it’s going to be an ultra fantastic day for you!! 😉

    Much kindness,


  5. Happy Birthday, Jim! As one of your clients whose business has been profoundly impacted by your coaching in the past two years, I can say that as you continue getting better it passes on to all those you touch, clients and readers.

    My career marketing business was about 25 years old when we started working together and the results have been astounding. This years sales are 53% higher than last year same time and I have already exceeded 2010’s revenues by 12%. You said you wanted your clients to see bankable results and I have! :-)

    Happy birthday! Talk to you soon!

    • Hey Julie. You’re very kind to share your experience, like this.

      It’s extremely rewarding for me, to see your results and the ongoing growth you have achieved, during the worst economy in living memory.

      As you know, next year looks even better for you!

  6. Have a great birthday Jim! As one of your clients who appreciates the benefits of working with you, I thank you and wish you the best.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    So true time to work on the business and not just in it. I had all kinds of visions to streamline things in my office: patient handouts, better intake forms etc etc.

    This time, I am finally doing in advance of the start of my new clinical job.


  8. Happy Birthday Jim and a thank you from all of us who have benefited so much from your knowledge and expertise.

  9. Thank you for this post! Actually today is the day I ask for investors for funds to expand my business. I’ve never ask for support in the area of funds. I’m very thankful to the person who trust me.

  10. Have a great day Jim and thanks for my daily fix.

  11. Hi Jim,
    Happy Birthday! All the best to you in your next year of getting better and better!

  12. Happy birthday Jim! May the coming 12 months be all that you want.

  13. Happy birthday and thanks for the reminder that we don’t need dates in the calendar to kick start something, review or revive!

    Here’s to the year ahead and many more!

  14. Its a bit late, but happy birthday none the less. This is a blog that a read fairly regularly but have never commented before. So please keep up the great work and hopy you had a great birthday.

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