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The secret behind great fighters and successful business owners

In boxing, we have a great, old saying:

It’s not the man in the fight that counts – It’s the fight in the man.

We know that if 2 boxers are equally matched, the fighter who wants to win the most, will win.  In business, the same is true.  Those who want to succeed the most will rise to the top, because they will give it 100%.  Their evenly matched, yet less committed competitors, will claim to be giving it 100% but simply do 100% of the easy stuff.

The difference is huge.

  • It’s the difference between pushing on through the hard times, or quitting.
  • It’s the difference between knowing you will, or saying you’ll try.
  • It’s the difference between investing some of your leisure time in improving your mind, or watching reality TV every evening.
  • It’s the difference between getting a year better with each birthday, or simply getting a year older.
  • It’s the difference between accepting responsibility for your results, or blaming the economy.
  • It’s the difference between having the courage to let the beauty of your mind shine, or following the flock.
  • It’s the difference between giving everything your best shot, or phoning it in.

It can also be the key factor between living the life you deserve and living a life that’s far less than you are capable of.

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  1. You’re right Jim, it’s a fight… A daily mental battle – one that can hand you your arse on a plate if you’re not aware that you’re in a fight for your life… At least the life you dream to live.

    Only those who are mentally strong win the prize. There is no easy road traveled to a successful place in life. It requires overcoming many obstacles; but mostly YOURSELF.

    If you don’t strive to keep your focus on the vision of who you are and where you’re going, others will end up spinning your emotional, physical, and mental wheels that lead to a destination of despair, unfulfilled aspirations, and ultimately failure…

    The only answer to those who have not quite reached their perfect place in life is to FIGHT ON knowing this one thing; if you don’t give up on yourself and your dreams, they shall be yours. Nothing can stop a determined, focused, fighting individual from accomplishing great things.

    A great message Jim – have a great Sunday sir!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mark. This really stuck out:

      “Only those who are mentally strong win the prize. There is no easy road travelled to a successful place in life. It requires overcoming many obstacles; but mostly YOURSELF. “

      Good advice, sir.

  2. I needed to read this today, Jim.

    Thank you for inspiring and encouraging us.

  3. I loved the joke about Reality TV :) Jim, the question is not how long one persists, but whether they are persisting on the right project. Sometimes, it takes years to just determine this. But any experience is good experience, especially the tasks undertaken by the command of the heart.

    • Hi Rajesh. The reality thing was serious. There are business owners who know more about these shows, than the basics of business.

      Thank you for the comment, sir.

  4. This is true on many levels. I have becoming relatively good in my field and I do not think it is because it is just a natural talent. I work very hard constantly researching and getting better and seeking out mentors.It is about removing ego and being willing to try things.

    • Hi Greg. Hard work and success seem to never be far apart.

      In my experience, it’s all about doing the right things, correctly. I like your point about ego too, sir.

  5. You know, if was easy, anyone could do it.

  6. This is very inspiring, Jim. I especially like the line about letting one’s mind shine, as opposed to doing what the masses are. Sometimes the road less traveled is hard to undertake, but it just might be the most fulfilling road.

  7. It’s about giving and committing 100%. The desire to make it get people to do whatever it takes to succeed. Those with 100% will explore possibilities in overcoming any challenges. Those with less than 100% commitment will create reasons not to do it. Create results or reasons.

  8. Glad to read the post. To get successful in a business isn’t a easy work. So that you have to work hard as a fighter.

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