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Who are you?

As one of your prospective clients,  I may or may not agree with your point of view, however, when you let me know your opinion, 2 important things happen.

  1. You show me you have an opinion, a view of your own that makes you, you.
  2. You show me you have the courage to express your opinion.

In my experience, very, very few business owners express their opinions in their online marketing efforts.  As I wrote recently, many business owners choose to have no voice. They opt for the anonymity of amplifying the other person’s view.  Not only do they tell me nothing about them or what they think, they show me nothing that separates them, from every other provider in their profession.

Perhaps more importantly, they give me nothing to connect with.

Connecting with the right people

The people you work best with, are those who get what you are about.  These are the clients who pay you what you are worth and who are a real pleasure to work with.  If you want to attract them, they need to know what you are about, your unique approach to your craft.  When they see this, they have something tangible to connect with and a valid reason to hire you.

Here’s the thing:  You don’t need to be all things to all people.  Some people will NOT get you or your approach.  That’s fine.  You need outsiders in order to have insiders.  The insiders who resonate with your opinions and ideas will love you and be excited about working with you.

I tell you, get this right and it’s a game changer for you and your business.

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  1. One of the comments I get from business owners is that they are afraid to give specifics and differentiate themselves in fear that someone will “steal” their content or ideas. Stealing is always a possibility as you know too well, but those not my clients anyway.

    I know non-clients benefit from my content about job search or career management and that’s Ok. Even posting my resume samples has netted many of new clients for me. Totally a win-win.

    I definitely think that clearly differentiating yourself from the pack has more benefits than not — but then, I learned that from you!

    • Hi Julie. If you look through the 20k comments on this site, you’ll many from marketing professionals. They are not competitors, but peers of mine; people I am passionate about helping.

      The model of online marketing means rethinking how we used to feel about competitors stealing our ideas. Those who want to use your best ideas have ALWAYS done it.

      Thanks for the thought provoking comment and your kind words, my friend.

  2. Such a worthy post Jim! I love this and it’s like you just gave me permission I needed to “not” be all things to all people … whew!!

    Thank you kind sir! Have a spectacular day!

    Much kindness,


    • I’m always going to me more interested in the REAL Elena, than a diluted version of you.

      Thanks for the feedback and your ongoing contribution to this blog.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I think you must lay it on the line,It’s the only way you attract the right clients for you!
    Thank you Sir very enjoyable.

  4. Like they say Jim. “Be yourself coz everyone else is taken”

    Another thought provoking post.

  5. While peers (competitors) may emulate the finished products, they are lacking the spark of creativity or the panache of delivery to make presentations and webpages sparkle.

    David Pylyp
    Living in Toronto

  6. As a freelancer, I search for jobs that match my skills. When asked about my skills and qualifications, I make sure to be accurate with my answers. I believe that this is the trait that provides me with a job that I love doing.

  7. People are more influential and more powerful when they speak with their own voice.

  8. Some business owners or blog writers are hiding. I couldn’t find their voice in their website or voice in the post they write.

    There is no personality in their site.

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