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What everyone ought to know about word of mouth

I’m a very happy customer of your outstanding business.

  • You consistently exceed my expectations.
  • You never fail to deliver on time.
  • You always seem genuinely interested in helping me.
  • I want to tell the world how great you are.

So, how easy do you make it for me to recommend you to all my friends and contacts?

Even when you offer exceptional service and your clients or customers love you, you need to make it super easy for them to spread the word.  Yes, it’s nice for them to “like” your Facebook page or send you a great testimonial, but you need a way for them to amplify their endorsement to their friends and not just your existing clients.  They know how great you are already!

Word of mouth and your business

I suggest incorporating a word-of-mouth facility into your service.  No, I’m not going to do the thinking for you here – If I did and everyone started doing it, it wouldn’t work so well.  It also wouldn’t be based on your business, your relationship with your clients or even your industry.  One example which works beautifully, is simply offering your advocates a bonus, which they can share with their friends.

The key thing is to match your word-of-mouth amplification, to the spirit of your business.  Then, watch them start shouting about you from the rooftops!

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  1. Spot on Jim.

    It’s no good having people only tell ME how they love our products, we need them telling others too.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Word of mouth is THE best recommendation. I think you just need to be approachable and friendly and people will feel like they are getting to know & trust you. I do have some customers who regularly email me with their comments on my blog or newsletter and it’s great that they want to do that. I love hearing their comments too.

    • The challenge, Shona, is to get them telling others how amazing your products are. Word of mouth is about people sharing your awesomeness with their friends, rather than telling you, you are great. (which you are!)

      For example, as you know, my wife has one of your bags and people always comment on it. When they do, she tells them where she got it.

      Thanks for the comment, my friend.

  3. I was working in the technology infrastructure industry earlier and I know some vendors who give additional discounts to customers if they give them a good testimonial. But is this the best way to go forward?

    • Hi Raj. No, that’s not enough.

      These guys need to be telling other people how amazing that company is. By “just” sending them a testimonial, they tell the company how happy they are. Not their friends.

      Now, if they posted that testimonial on their OWN website, rather than sending it to the service providers….

  4. Word of Mouth is the most powerful way of marketing. It increases the possibility of closing by 50%.

    You can make word of mouth marketing intentional by building a referral structure. The structure can range from simple to a comprehensive one.

    Do watch out for referrers who like to look for loop holes.

  5. I know some vendors who give additional discounts to customers if they give them a good testimonial.I love hearing their comments too.

  6. Word of mouth is the most valuable way of awarness buliding…one way is something what is done on most social sites – liking pages.

  7. You need to become approachable to your customer..You also need to the customer that you really love your product and you are using it too..

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