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Crash Bang Everything Changes

Photo: Toasty Ken

Last night was just like any night at our home.  My son was fast asleep, my wife was getting ready for bed and I was reading…

Then there was a CRASH!

Literally.  I heard a loud noise and went outside, to find a car had crashed into the stream, at the foot of our front garden.  Thank God, even though the car was upside down, no one was injured.

In business as in life, there are times when things go crash, unexpectedly.  For example:

  • Maybe your business loses a major account.
  • Perhaps you hit a serious cash flow problem and can’t pay your suppliers.
  • It could be that your server crashes and your data has been destroyed.

Now, the very nature of most unexpected business incidents, is that they come without much, if any, warning.  The best we can do, is ensure we are as prepared as we can be for them.

How well prepared is your business today, if the unexpected actually happened?  If you are relying on luck, I strongly recommend you get some robust business systems in place, before you need them.

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  1. “Everybody’s got to learn sometime”
    You probably remember this song, Jim.
    Although I fully agree with each one of your lines there, and I strongly support the 3 mains pilars of a sustainable business activity you’ve mentioned and, I have to say (this is the experience talking) that without taking any risk or even trying, you’ll never know which is the best system to reinforce your activities.
    So it’s true that we all need to take care and prepare our business for the unexpected. We all have to face the unexpected with consistency, shape and strength. And for that there’s no solution but to get organized and know our marketplace, that means learn, communicate and get engaged.

    I’ve been through each one of your examples this year, in just a few months I’ve understood that there’s nothing unlimited, the cash, the clients, the datas, everything. But I’ve tried. Now I know that it all really exists. No one told me about all those things previously.
    Then, what I know for sure is that in a case of an unexpected crash, I’ll have some systems to avoid the worst.
    Thanks for your post, Jim.

  2. Hello Jim. I’ll tell you, I have some experience and feel what you’re saying. I had some server problems before, and luckily I didn’t lose any data. There are systems in place to cover all that. But, server problems are good problems to have aren’t they? I noticed Keisha’s blog over at WeBlogBetter has had some problems. Don’t know what happened, hope she gets it sorted soon. Nothing to have your traffic crash than that!

  3. You’re singing my song, Jim!

    To add to what Yael said above, we all need to take risks in life and in business. The trick is realise that we are taking a risk and be able to quantify that risk.

    When I take businesses through the process of preparing their Business Continuity Plans, I endeavour to cover as wide a range of risks as possible. Most of them get ignored as being very low probability and/or minimal impact, but at least they were considered.

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