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I saw a video interview with Seth Godin recently, which made me smile.  It wasn’t the interview itself that made me smile, but rather the shot of Seth in his office.

There Seth was, sat at a table (not desk), with; a laptop, phone and a coffee/tea.  I smiled, because it confirmed something I wrote a few weeks ago: It’s the content of our mind, not the content of our office, which determines our success.

The marketplace is filled with ineffective marketing messages, which were written in offices that look like the control room at NASA.  The thing is, adding a third high definition monitor to Bob’s three grand computer, is not going to make is ineffective marketing strategy magically start working.  It will just look stunning, as he slowly goes broke.  Incidentally, before you laugh, that example is based on a business owner I spoke to last year, who had zero need for three monitors!

Good, reliable technology is essential to the running of any business.  But the business owner who constantly feeds her gadget addiction, yet neglects to invest in the knowledge required to grow her business, is totally missing the point.

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  1. Jim, great post! Could you be so kind to provide us with the Seth Godin interview that you mentioned in this piece?

    Thank you.

    • Hi CJ. Thanks for the kind words. The video was just something I saw on Facebook a week or so ago; so I don’t have a link. That said, it wasn’t a great interview. You can find a lot of interviews with Seth, simply by searching his name on YouTube.

  2. I shall take this post to heart! *turns crank handle on ancient Apple Mac and puts in earplugs to drown out sound of back up drive clunking in the corner*
    I saw this in a different way when Apple Mac DTP first hit. I was studying Graphic Design and the landscape totally changed between my 1st and 3rd years. It just proved for me that no matter how many fancy frills you can add, an original idea will always be the winner.

  3. Hi Jim,

    You manage to cram a lot of smarts into very few words. There are very few bloggers who can do that, with most opting for the lazy approach of just producing hundreds of words, rather than taking a little more time to condense the thought and THEN share it.

    Maybe if they spent more time learning how to write and less time deciding what snazzy machine to write it on, they’d get the kind of results you do.

    Thanks for this blog and all you do for your readers, Jim.


    • You’re very kind, Gary.

      Ironically, that post was written on a notebook, running Ubuntu – a Free operating system that I’ve used for years. 😉

  4. Hello Jim,

    If only the status symbol spending was kept on their desk it wouldn’t so bad… The wouldn’t go broke.

    But, this kind of “we need to spend lots of money on shiny toys” mentality extends into operations and enterprise systems too and this were it really hurts.

    Why do need to get IBM to buy and install systems ready for thousands of transactions a seconds and 200 employees when you’re Joe Schmoe Inc. with 5 employees who barely got on the internet last years and make pizza?
    Exaggerating? I wish…

    The lack of internal technological knowledge in firms of any size leads to overstock on big shiny useless technology and go broke.

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