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Reach out, pay it forward and watch your whole world improve!

Here’s a suggestion: When you connect with people today, leave them in a better position than you found them.

The temptation is for us to treat the people we connect with (off-line or on-line), with respect, but not to invest in them. Sure, we say please and thank you, but seldom look for an opportunity to invest in them.

The thing is, a few words from you can have a genuine, positive impact on someone who needs it.

For example:

  • Your words can boost their confidence, when they were starting to doubt themselves.
  • Your words can help shift their focus from negative or neutral, to positive.
  • Your words can encourage them, when they were beginning to lose faith.
  • And your smile may be the only sunshine they see today. Many people outwardly look happy, yet inside they are hurting. Something as simple as a smile or a sincere “thank you” can make a huge difference.

So, why did I refer to all this giving as an investment?

A non typical Investment

Many businesspeople seem unable to understand that some things, are hard to measure immediately on a spreadsheet. If they can not see an obvious financial reward for doing something, they don’t do it. Investing in others fits into that category.

Business is all about people. Running a business with the kind of mindset I have just shared, improves how people feel about you. I have lost count of the times that someone I encouraged, has later been of just as much help to me… sometimes more.

You know what though? The sceptics are wrong!

Ironically, when we look back and, as Steve Jobs said, “join the dots,” we find that these hard to measure acts often end up having a direct, measurable impact on our own success. Oh, and if you want to start paying it forward immediately, why not share this message with your friends.


Jim Connolly

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  1. Great post, Jim. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Your heart is good and in the right place Jim. It’s a privilege to “know” you; as you inspire me to be a better person and business woman.

    With a humble heart, thank you.


  3. Jim, this is a very good post. It means a great deal to me because I have been the recipient of such kindness, including from you, which means more to me than you and others know right now. Words of encouragement and kindness are true gifts that can’t be bought or sold, and I treasure them in my life.

    Thanks for the impact you’re having on my life. You really are a kind, kind person, and I’m thankful to come to know you.

  4. Without doubt Jim, you are delivering more real-world practical business development advice, here on your site, than any paid consultant I have hired.

    Thanks for all you do, sir.

    New York

  5. Jim, Thanks, am a fan. One of the best things I got from this as I battle procrastination on writing another blog article of my own, is how short this is, yet how much value is derived. I need to remember not every post needs to be a 1,000 word master piece with infographics that are time consuming and daunting to make. Just shout out to the world what you’re thinking, and deliver some small piece of value. You’ve done this very nicely with this piece, and it inspires me to get out and write.



  6. I love the challenge, Jim! Invest in others… leave them in a better position than you found them. Doesn’t have to be huge. And like you said, sometimes all it takes is a smile or a kind word. Even the most simple attempt to let people know that they matter to you can be far more significant than you realize.

    “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

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