What everyone ought to know about influence

You can’t pick your family, but that’s OK, because you can be pretty selective about everyone and everything else in your life.

Do I need to be selective?

Yes.  I know that everyone and everything I give my attention to, influences me.  I know that miserable people will tend to make me feel low and optimists will tend to make me feel great.  I know that when I am in the company of creative people, my own creativity is ignited.  Everyone who connects with me in any way, influences me to a lesser or greater degree.

The same is true for you!

The people you associate with will have a massive impact on how you feel, the decisions you make and ultimately who you become.  The TV shows you watch, radio stations you listen to and music you listen to will also have an impact.  Everyone and everything you connect with, influences you in some way.

So, ‘who and what’ are you going to allow to influence your life in 2012?  No need to answer that question here on the blog, but I do suggest you answer it to yourself.

Why?  Because it’s one of the single biggest determinants of your; health, happiness, wisdom and wealth.

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