My predictions for 2012

Here are some predictions for business owners in 2012:

  • Those who do the right things correctly, will do extremely well, just like they do every year.
  • Those who do the wrong things correctly, will do poorly again and remain frustrated. They will be wondering why their perfectly executed plans are getting them nowhere, unaware the plan is what’s screwed, not their implementation. They will lose yet another year, wasting major time on minor things.
  • Those who do the right things incorrectly, will struggle and remain zapped of energy. This group work extremely hard and make little real progress. The errors in their marketing and business development are usually easy to fix, but they prefer to dabble with it rather than get the help they need. So, they carry on making the same mistakes. They use all the right tools and wonder why it never seems to work for them, whilst others in their industry fly!

Everyone reading this message will fit into 1 of those 3 groups. Yes, there are some people who are in a 4th group, where they do the wrong things, incorrectly, but they tend not to read marketing blogs.

Business as usual

So, once you identify which group you are in, here’s your challenge for 2012: What are you going to do about it?

Business as usual is only an effective strategy for those in the first group.

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