Are you making this common mistake with your marketing?

Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Linkedin are full to bursting with stressed out business owners, making unremarkable offers to uninterested people.

These business owners work hard sharing links to their special offers and webinars and wonder why they get nowhere, even though they have the whole process backwards!

Twitter, Google+, Facebook and Linkedin SHOULD be buzzing with their clients and prospective clients talking about how remarkable their business is, to an impressed audience who want to know what all the fuss is about.

Why this happens and how to fix it

In order to fix this problem, you need to understand what’s broken. What’s broken, is the assumption that people will talk about a service, which is average or similar to other services in the marketplace. Look at the providers in your industry and you will see what I mean.

You will find the vast majority of your competitors:

  • Offering similar services
  • For similar fees
  • To similar people
  • Making similar promises
  • and offering similar guarantees.

Now, here’s what we know about your prospective clients. They are being bombarded with unremarkable marketing about unremarkable services all day every day. It washes over them.


You know what catches their attention though? They stand up like meerkats, when something remarkable comes along. It captures their attention and inspires them to share what they have just experienced. It spreads and before you know it, people are out there, talking about how remarkable you and your service is.

Yes, it takes creativity and lots of work to develop something that’s remarkable about your business, your service and how you work. But business owners in this economy who insist on marketing unremarkable services, will find it harder and harder to earn the interest of the marketplace.

They will be forced into the race to the bottom, when they could be enjoying the journey to the top.

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