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Plan ahead. Announce it. Then ship it!

Have you ever noticed how some people are great at announcing things, yet less good at actually launching them and following through?

coming soonThe Internet is full of small business websites, with announcements that something, is coming soon. Check these out in 6 months and you will see 1 of the following 3 scenarios on many, perhaps most, of them.

1. The sign is still there & they still have not launched

When a business owner announces something is coming soon, and they fail to launch it or ship it on time, it reflects poorly on them. Very poorly.  Their prospective clients value people who can be relied upon to get things done on time. Publicly announcing you are about to do something, then leaving it publicly unfinished is not a smart move.

Think before you announce anything and get the time scale right.

2. The sign has gone but nothing launched

When a business owner announces they are going to do something, yet they fail to take action and make it happen, they make prospective clients nervous. It causes people  to question the business owner’s ability to deliver on their promises. That’s potentially, extremely damaging.

Think before you announce anything and make sure you can deliver before you tell the world.

3. The sign has gone, the whatever launched, but they gave up

When a business owner publicly announces they are going to launch something, then gives up on it after a short period of time, it sends a bad signal to their marketplace. It could suggest the business owner is a quitter. I don’t need to explain how damaging that is. It could also suggest that the business owner has problems planning ahead. When people see you started something and then quickly gave up, it’s not unreasonable for them assume you didn’t plan ahead very thoroughly.

Think ahead and ensure you can give a new project the resources it needs, in order to work.

If you are going to launch something, plan ahead, announce it – Then ship it!

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  1. Jim,
    You’re mentioning one of the main points of failure.
    People have great ideas, most of them have great motivation, but definitely only very few of them have plans. Planing isn’t easy because it remains ressources, organization and a clear mindset.
    But despite those constrains, it can bring a big bright return on investment. And that’s what really makes the difference.
    I often take take the instance of the preparation of a chocolate cake to demonstrate how important it is to focus on the planification of the recipe to achieve a tasty result.

    The lack of planification won’t never ever help anyone (even for the smallest thing) and announcing without any plan is surely the main failure we have all met once in hour life.

  2. Thats very true. However sometimes though I will announce something and then get absolutely NO response. That says to me that it is not going to work.

    What I generally do here is pull whatever it is immediately (as there is no point in flogging a dead horse). Sometimes I then re-launch it a bit later in a re-worked version. Sometimes it will be buried without trace.

    But I think if it is clear that you have made a mistake its best to end it quickly.

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