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What every business owner needs to know about cakes!

Developing a successful business is a relatively simple process, based on doing the right things correctly. In fact, with the right strategy, it’s quicker to build a successful business, than it is for a business owner with no strategy, to go broke.

It’s a little like baking a cake

If someone gave you a great recipe for a cake and you followed it closely, you would end up with a delicious cake. If you followed that same great recipe many times, you would be able to bake that delicious cake without the recipe, and get it right every time. No one would claim you were lucky to have baked the cake so well. It would be the natural end result, for someone who has studied the recipe and repeated the correct process successfully, many times.

Some useful questions to ask yourself:

  • What recipe am I using, to ensure I’m doing the right things, correctly?
  • What experienced, highly credible source gave me the recipe for business success, which I’m currently risking my future on?
  • Was my recipe developed for me and my unique needs, experience, resources and goals – or just general / generic info I grabbed from webinars, blogs or books?
  • If things are not working out, how long am I willing to wait before I get the help I need?

The bottom line: Get the recipe for business success, which YOU and YOUR business needs, based on your unique situation, and then follow it. Don’t waste another year guessing, dabbling, hoping or worrying.


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  1. Hi Jim. This is content that fills in the gap for people between their idea and the end point of a successful business. Thanks

  2. It’s like the law of the jungle.

    The business owners too scared or stupid to invest in their businesses, get replaced by those who do.

    This is not going to be a popular stance, but I believe there’s no place in business for those who lack courage or intelligence.

    Thanks Jim.

    • Your opinion may not be popular, Gareth, but it’s accurate.

      The marketplace knows what it wants and those unwilling to provide it, will lose.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Jim,
    There is a simple principle in life to follow if we want to succeed on the path we choose: learn.
    Every business owner, or better, every person about to launch a business has the capacity to learn (not to copy), but again, to learn the basic steps to follow in order to remake the same model without help.
    It’s all about to understand what is essential.
    All the business model are existing. All we have to do is to “like” and actively follow them.
    I’m not talking about “following” like sheep every other’s model. I’m talking about applying the fundamental principles that will help us reach the purpose.
    The example of the cake makes it clear, and I really like it, Jim.

    • You’re right, Yael.

      It’s all about learning and then, putting what we learn into practice.

      Thanks as always for your feedback.

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