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Blogging: Why sharing valuable resources is so important

In the past, I have been very hesitant about using this blog to showcase great services and products. In fact, I can think of just a tiny number of posts in the last 4 years, which were dedicated to introducing you to resources that I find extremely valuable.

I realised a few weeks ago that this was the wrong approach. This post explains why and also, why I believe it’s important for bloggers to share valuable resources with their readers.

The value of sharing

A few weeks ago, I decided to put things right and be a little more proactive, when it came to sharing useful resources. So, I gave a recommendation to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast, the only marketing podcast I now subscribe to. People are still thanking me today, for sharing that podcast with them.

Then yesterday, I heard some news that reinforced why unpaid, honest recommendations like that are so important.

A Seesmic shift

Some of you who connect with me on Twitter, know I use and love the Seesmic desktop app and Seesmic phone app. I’ve been using Twitter for 5 years and the Seesmic tools are the best I have found for my needs.

Yesterday, I discovered that Seesmic’s owner Loic Le Meur, had recently announced that he needed to release over half his workforce. You can read about it here. It’s especially sad news, as Loic is a lovely guy and the products, including the seesmic ping beta that I am testing right now, are extremely good.

In all the time I have used Seesmic products, I have never blogged about them. I have never shared why you may want to consider using Seesmic, if you are tired of using slow, browser based products that look like spreadsheets, for cross posting to your social networking accounts. Today I am doing just that. The news from Seesmic, shows us that it’s all too easy for people to miss out on great resources, if those of us who use them don’t share how much we value them.

Sharing matters

I am going to continue to be a little more proactive, about sharing resources I value, which I believe you will want to know about. These will always be unpaid recommendations and only for resources I personally trust and value, which will be of interest to business owners.

If you have a blog and there are resources you value, I suggest you use your voice to share them with your reader community. If enough of us do this, we will all benefit.

UPDATE: I heard from Loic earlier and he confirmed that Seesmic will now be focusing their efforts onto Seesmic Ping; an app that allows you to schedule posts across various social networks. You can find out more here.

Images: Carlos Maya & Loic

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  1. Jim I definitely want you to share the things you find most useful. Ive followed you variously for around a decade (I was a newsletter subscriber back in the day) and trust your opinion.


  2. Thank you so much! I am a total believer in open sourcing. If everyone where to share the resources they use to make their life easy, everyone would be more efficient. Instead of just helping your competition your competition would help you leveling the playing field at a higher quality. Making it better for the consumer.

    • I agree, Elena Anne. (Or is it just Elena?)

      There’s real value in sharing the good stuff. It rewards competence and helps point people in the right direction.

  3. As a blogger positioning themselves as an expert in their field you have an obligation to share that knowledge with your community. Whether it is useful information or useful resources is irrelevant. Your community looks to you for advice, so while you may occasionally think that you are “pedaling” products and services to your community, if you are sincere about it, your community doesn’t see it that way. They appreciate the advice…especially if it shaves off a few hours each week because of a useful tool you pointed out. That holds true with affiliate links and advertising as well. If you are helping people out and making a few dollars on an affiliate link while doing so, good for you and shame on the people in the community that can’t look past a simple ad on the page. I don’t see them handing their paycheck back to their boss and telling them that they are just working for the love of helping out others.

    • Hey Marc. Affiliate links are fine, I am an affiliate of one product myself. So long as you believe in the product, I see zero reason why a disclosed link can’t benefit you and the reader. Blogs cost money to host, that free information is only free for the readers, not the blogger.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog.

  4. You really should do more of this kind of thing, Jim. When I get to know a blogger, their endorsement or recommendation means a lot to me.

    Off to check out Seemsic now.

  5. It is interesting that you just came to the same conclusion I did–I finally got a Fan Page up and running and finding that, not only is it a great place to share my favorite things, it now is on my timeline.

    When I post “my favorite things” I also post why–makes me think through the reason I like something and often reminds me to use it more again.

  6. Thanks Jim, a great post on the importance of sharing valuable information with others, for the benefit of all.

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