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Word of mouth: How to get people talking about your business!

Do you give your marketplace a powerful reason to listen to you?

Do you then make it extremely easy, for them to share what you have to say with their friends?

If you just answered ‘no’ to either of those questions, you are missing out on the best opportunity you have, to generate massive interest in your business.

In short: Develop a compelling story about your business, product or service that’s worth spreading. Next, make it super-simple for people to tell your story to their friends.

Then watch what happens!

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  1. I love how you and Seth Godin write these tiny, info packed posts.

    Lazy writers take note!

    • Thanks, George.

      It’s a lot easier and faster to write long posts, but people always respond better to my shorter posts. So, I invest a little more time and keep them (usually) below 400 words.

  2. If you know (as I do) that you suffer from verbosity or overtalking, this post’s message actually works – work out the main points before hand, keep to the story, and then shut up afterwards!
    Oh, and always make your words smile ☺

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