How to get your business on track and keep it there

How clear are you, regarding the value you bring to a prospective client?

We’ve known for years that when it comes to sales and marketing, a confused mind always says ‘no’. In other words, when a prospective client is confused about your product or service and you ask them to make a purchasing decision, they are massively more likely to say ‘no’, than to say ‘yes’ and risk making a mistake.

Are you on track? If so, which track are you on?

What is less often mentioned is the importance for us as business owners, to have absolute clarity regarding the direction of our business. It’s hard to make good decisions regarding our business, unless we know where we are going. After all, it’s impossible to stay on track if you’re not even sure what track you’re supposed to be on!

When you are clear regarding the direction you want your business to take, you are better equipped to:

  • Spot the right opportunities (and avoid the wrong ones).
  • Measure your progress.
  • Get your marketing message right.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Connect with the right people.
  • Manage your time.
  • Stay on track.

Conversely, a lack of clarity makes it hard to do any of those tasks effectively.

When it comes to developing a successful business, the need to embrace clarity cannot be overstated. Foggy thinking leads to bad decision making and we can only made so many bad decisions, before it starts having a serious impact on our progress.

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