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Blogging at the weekends: Is it worth it?


I get asked that question a lot, because I tend to write a post most weekends and people want to know if they should publish posts at the weekend too.

So, what is the answer?

Optimum days

Depending on the subject of your blog and the demographic of your readership, you will find that there are some days that are better to publish posts on, than others. For example, this is a business blog and I get a lot more readers on week days than I do on a weekend. To give you an idea of the difference I see here, around 45% fewer people will read a post I publish at the weekends, compared to a week day. Other bloggers I know, write for the general public and find that Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days on their sites.

From a purely marketing perspective, it would be better for me to write posts Monday to Friday, which begs the question; why do I publish posts at the weekend so often?

Why I Publish at the weekend

I write a lot. I mean thousands of words every day. It’s something I love to do, however, it presents me with a rare challenge. Most bloggers find it hard to write once or twice a week, whereas I find it hard not to flood the blog with too much content. I write more than one post a day and spread them across 3 blogs and a website. By adding the weekend to my publishing schedule, I can deliver lots of content, without having to cram it into 5 days.

Of course, if you have something you feel you need to say at the weekend or you would like to tie a blog post to a weekend, breaking news story, do it! Measure the results and form your own conclusions. If you write a blog aimed at business owners, I do not recommend publishing posts at the weekend. Unless you are publishing fresh content 6 or 7 days a week, it makes more commercial sense to publish your posts on the optimum days.

What has your experience been?

I’d love to hear what your experiences have been, regarding the best and least effective days to publish posts in your niche. Please leave your feedback with a comment and remember to tell us what type of blog you write.

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Good question. For my current blog, I find that Wednesday/Thursday/Friday has the most returning visitors, and Monday/Tuesday shows a trend of new visitors…and Saturdays and Sundays have the lowest amount of traffic for both groups.

    This is interesting, because for one of my other sites Sundays are the most popular day in general (and that’s also a blog with the primary audience being business folks). I’ve interpreted this as that audience being active online to prepare for the upcoming week (of course, this is a bit of a guess at this point, but you have to start somewhere ;)).

    Every website is different, and this shows the importance of analyzing your traffic to detect trends in traffic. In general, different days seem to bring different type of traffic, which can indicate which network you should be active on on different days.

    I hope the above can help someone to analyze their traffic in a new and more effective way. :)

    Love and light,

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences, Tess.

      You’re right about the value of analysing your site’s visitors and learning what works best for you, specifically.

  2. Good morning, Mr Connolly.

    Weekend – what an interesting concept. When might that be?

    I have to admit that 11:59.59 on a Sunday evening would cause me a little concern from a publishing point of view – but hey! with the rest of the day to go at, there’s no need to worry too much.

    The whole idea of best time to publish is something of a conundrum. (Un)Fortunately it isn’t one that I need reflect on too much and I wonder if for many small business bloggers (who might be tied to a cash till or caring for their customers, for example)that might also be the case.

    I can see how in an industry such as your it might make sense to schedule for particular days or even times of day, but if I were looking for – say – information about handbags or shoes, the time to do this would be any evening when the chores are done and the kids are out of the way (speaking from a somewhat jaundiced woman’s point of view, you understand!)So it would make precious little difference when a post was published.

    Besides, there’s the beauty of that RSS thing and the email delivery option. Anyone who’s interested will get the information if they truly want it and when they want it. Or am I being naive?

    Knd regards,

    • Hi Linda. It’s just about finding what works best for you.

      The challenge with the Internet is that almost all the information is of a general nature. As a result, many false rumours spread about ‘the best day’ to blog, which totally fail to address YOUR specific blog and goals.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Hi Jim, I write blogs about health and losing weight. I am trying to get to 7 posts a week so that I can increase organic traffic to my site. Currently, I experience the most amount of traffic around the middle of the week. I was encouraged to see that site had a record amount of hits last week, of which 66% went to one post that was posted weeks ago. Long story short, one needs to be consistent and patient.

    • Hi Wade. You said; “I am trying to get to 7 posts a week so that I can increase organic traffic to my site.”

      You don’t need to blog every day in order to make more sales via your site. You need to write content that people find useful enough that they want to link to it, share it and email you about it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Thanks Jim, I am working on that aspect as well. I have read much about how often to post and while there are some people who get great results on posts a week, the feeling seems to be that writing a lot of posts (quality and informative)seems to help get ranked highly on Google.

        • Hi Wade. I’d think hard before investing your time on that strategy.

          You don’t want to end up doing the wrong thing, extremely well.

  4. Since I’m not buried in client calls and work during the weekend, they are often my most thoughtful or well-planned posts. The way I look at it is that there’s a lot less competition for attention on the weekend since the majority of people write throughout the week. So I try to write every weekend and the posts often do well. And, when folks come back on Monday, I see them read those posts as well.

    Good content gets shared – it doesn’t matter what day it’s published!

  5. Jim, I often post on the weekends. I have noticed that I get more traffic on the weekends because of the nature of my business and the fact it appears on Facebook on the weekends. It seems to me more of my potential readers are receiving the information on FB much more on the weekends.
    I have read all kinds of literature on this subject and tried them all. Then when those ideas didn’t work as well for me I started doing my own testing for my market to find what works best for me.

  6. Jim, a great article. I think consistency is more important then posting on which days. That is my opinion and for me that is what works well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Jim
    I find it really hard to actually sit down and write most of the time, partly because writing is not what comes naturally. And I find writing during the week is near impossible between meetings, coaching sessions and running the business. But I also know that a major part of why my site/blog is not as successful is because I don’t publish consistently. In an effort to change that I have committed to writing 2-3 posts on Saturday so that I can write without other business activities, energy and life events getting in the way. This will allow me to publish on a more routine schedule during the week. Weekends are a must at this point.

  8. I’ve found I receive more comments on a Saturday. Sunday tends to be slower and I only publish on Sundays if it’s timely. Like today, I did one on World Suicide Prevention Day because it’s tomorrow and I didn’t want to wait until that day. (I like jump starts) I have also found on all of my blogs Friday seems to be the least day when I get comments. So I only post on Friday if it’s timely too or it’s been a few days since my last post (depending on which blog) .

    I would agree I have more time on weekends myself to comment on other blogs.

  9. To be honest, I’ve never thought about the possibility that some days could be better than others. I have five blogs on varying topics–history, weather, animals, book reviews, classic films. It would be interesting to poll my readers and see if they prefer one day over another. I suppose it would show on analytics, too, though.

  10. If you have an important or useful article or an email to send, it is important to think of the best time to send it, so as to garner the largest audience possible, or to ensure you get the attention of the recipient.

    My personal opionion is that it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you should completely stop blogging on weekends, you can save a good article for a latter date, but still write something if you have something to say.

    “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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