How do you feel about this?

How genuinely enthusiastic are you about your business and the service you provide? I ask you this, because there is a direct link between the way we think and the way we feel.

Importantly, the way we feel has a huge, direct impact on our business.

When I started out in marketing over 25 years ago, a colleague told me that her definition of a sale was ‘the transfer of enthusiasm’. I quickly discovered that by selling a product that I enthusiastically believed in, the sales process was a great deal easier and massively more people would buy from me. I was just 21 years old and had discovered something, which was to help me for the rest of my career.

Negativity hurts business

We have all experienced conversations with people who were less than enthusiastic about their business. Their pessimism quickly transfers to us and their negative feelings about their business becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. [quote]Just as confidence inspires confidence, pessimism inspires pessimism.[/quote] When we feel negative or bad about a business, we don’t spend our money there. Who knows, they may not even be trading in 6 months, so why hire them or buy from them?

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said: ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’. In my experience, this is absolutely true. Without demonstrating enthusiasm in our business or services, it’s almost impossible to succeed.

I believe it boils down to this: If we want prospective clients to feel enthusiastic about us and our business, we need to be enthusiastic first.

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