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It’s not hard to disrupt your marketplace, get noticed and create a powerful impact. However, it does take a little creative thought and a large measure of courage.


Creative thinking is required, in order to create the disruption and transform it into something that makes good business sense. For example, you may decide to:

  • Give away something expensive and make your money from something else. You’ve seen this with companies that give away razors and make their money selling their razor blades – And those who give away mobile phones and make money from their call and data packages.
  • Make your clients or customers feel twice as good about spending money with you. A great example of this is Toms. When I buy a pair of shoes from Toms, they send a second pair to a child who needs them.
  • Switch from providing a mass market product, to providing one aimed exclusively at a small niche. You see this with web designers. Most will build a site for anyone. Others have discovered it pays them to focus exclusively on building sites for people within a specific niche. These web designers have become specialists. They know the needs of the niche they serve and how to market to them. Specialists not only earn more than generalists, they also tend to work on more interesting projects and usually have a waiting list too.

There are lots and lots of ways to stand out and develop a hugely profitable business – In fact, I do this with my clients all the time.

All you need to do is pluck up the courage to do what’s required and let go of ordinary.

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  1. We really love all your articles! This is great advice and something which we have started looking into establishing in our business. Not only does the customer benefit, but on a personal level, it really opens doors towards building a nice relationship with your customer, which you might not have if it was a ‘normal’ business deal!

    • Hi Jacqueline – Plus, ‘normal’ is already everywhere. It’s not where the value is.

      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Hi Jim,

        Thanks for sharing! I would agree that disruption does require creativity and an immense amount of courage. And the best part about taking a chance and being disruptive is that there’s always the normal to fall back on. The world is full of it!

        I would rather strike out 99 times to eventually hit a home run than be normal my whole life!

        Now I have to ask, assuming you have encountered clients in your career that want to be disruptive but don’t possess the creativity or immense courage, is “disruption” a skill set that can be taught?

        Have you been able to facilitate a shift with your clients allowing them the capacity to create a disruptive and powerful impact or have you found that the capacity to be disruptive only resides internally?

        Thanks again for your thoughts!

        • Hey Geoff. Thanks for the feedback.

          Regarding your question, the answer is yes.

          However, the client must ‘want’ to do it. They need to be ready to let go of the status quo.

          If they are, I can show them exactly what to do, based on their unique situation.

          Hope that answers your question, sir.

          • It absolutely does. I can understand that change must start internally. I was just hoping you had a secret formula ;)

            Thanks again for the insight and I greatly appreciate your experience!

  2. Totally agree Jim.

    Creativity is hard work and requires some vision to see how the ideas will play out with customers. Weirdly, most people are able to be very creative with some aspects of their lives (fashion, home decor, hairstyle, etc etc) but when it comes to their business, they freeze up. I guess the fear of failure is too great for them to take the risk and try something creative??

  3. Love this mate!

    Break with the normal cause a disruption!! You have given me an idea I will talk with you this week about it.

    Thank you my good friend!

  4. Jim,

    Thank you for the food for thought. I do agree being a specialist is so much better then being a jack of all trades. It is so much more rewarding.

    Thank you for writing and sharing your knowledge:)

  5. Thanks for this article it really gave me a lot to think about and a lot of ideas!!

  6. Hi Jim,

    Interesting post! I like the mention of becoming a specialist in your field. Being a freelance web designer myself, I have more focus these days on getting in clients that require Expression Engine Development (a high-level CMS platform) for their new / existing websites. So if for example you search ‘ Expression Engine Specialist ‘, I tend to be at the top for this, as I have optimised for this ‘ niche ‘ area of web development.

    Many thanks for this post!



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