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Are your competitors controlling your potential?

Most small business owners compare their business, to their competitor’s businesses. This is why the fees, promises and range of services offered by competing businesses in any industry, are strikingly similar.

Here’s the challenge with that approach: It places a very low ceiling on your potential.

Allow me to explain

By competing against the standards of your competitors, you set your bar extremely low.

The vast majority of small businesses in any sector are uninspiring, to say the least. Statistically we know that most are struggling, with many going under every day. Very, very few are doing anything exceptional.

It clearly makes little sense to allow your competitors to regulate your potential.

So, compare yourself to the best instead

One of the finest ways to build a successful business, is to learn from the best.

  • Compare your customer service to Disney.
  • Compare your design quality to Apple.
  • Compare your distribution to Amazon.
  • Compare your build quality to Rolex.

Choose who / what you compare your business to, based on the quality of what they do and it’s effectiveness. Set your bar higher than your competitors. Demand the best. Be remarkable.

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  1. I like this Jim. Raise the bar and never settle for second best.

  2. Thanks, Jim. Great examples, it gots me thinking now

  3. Very important advice to take heed of during these times. Competition is fierce so we need to keep ahead of the game at all times.

  4. Some very knowledgeable information here. I really feel comparing ourselves to the top companies is a great way to improve our business models.

    • Hey Kirk. That’s the trick. Use the best as the standard and then try to improve upon it. Allowing our competitors to set the bar is nuts and extremely limiting. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Great, Advice. Never settle

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