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How to learn from the best, without copying them!

One of the best ways to develop your business, is to learn from what already works. Just as learning what not to do helps us avoid making dangerous mistakes, learning from what works helps us create real value.

It’s not about copying

It’s about using what works for others as a source of creative inspiration, for your own marketing. Allow me to explain.

Here are 3 examples of what I mean:

1. Think of the last service you paid for (or product, if you sell products.) What were the main motivators, which persuaded you to buy it? How can you uniquely incorporate these persuasive factors, into the marketing of your products or services?

2. Think of the last time you recommended a product or service to your friends. What were the key factors, which motivated you to give it your word of mouth endorsement? How can you uniquely incorporate them into your business, so you earn more word of mouth referrals?

3. Think of the last blog post, which you shared with your social networking contacts. What was it about that post or the person who wrote it, which motivated you to share it? How can you uniquely build that into your own blogging, so more people share your content?

Learning is more valuable than copying

It’s important not to copy what others are doing. It’s both lazy and usually ineffective.

The real value of this approach, comes when you learn from what already works and then incorporate your version of it into your work. A well known example of this, was the way Steve Jobs studied the design of sports cars for inspiration. His machines didn’t look like cars, but the ‘design lines’ of some Apple products were influenced by them.

The key thing to remember, is that the value comes from learning, not copying. Look at what works and search for the lessons behind it. If you fully embrace this idea, it will be a powerful development tool for both you and your business.

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  1. Yes,i agree with you.Learning is more valuable than copying someone.If you copy then you will be able to copy only one thing but if you learn then you will be able to create a lot of things which you can use in future.

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