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How to quickly increase sales and build stronger relationships

If you have a little spare time in your working week and would like to massively improve your commercial relationships and increase sales, you will find today’s post really useful.

Human focused business development

Here’s what I’m suggesting: Contact your clients. Tell them that you know how hard the economy is right now and ask if you can pitch in and help them.

That’s it.

Your clients need you today, like never before. By giving them a call, note or email, offering to help, you give yourself the opportunity to make a real difference, to people who have put their faith in you. That’s who our clients are – people who trust us to come through for them, when they need us.

Why bother?

Some of the people you contact, will say they are doing fine and thank you for offering to help. These people will remember your eagerness to help, for longer than you can imagine.

Some of the people you contact, will say that times are tough and welcome any help you can provide. A subset of this group will reciprocate by paying you. Another subset will reciprocate by offering to do something for you. Finally, a smaller subset will welcome your help, but will not reciprocate directly. However, in every instance you will have had the privilege of helping your clients or customers.

No, you don’t need to contact every client you have. There will be some you are already in regular contact with and some who you would not want to work with again. However, the vast majority of clients and inactive clients (I don’t like the term ‘former clients’) will be worthy of your time. Make this work scalable by spreading these messages out and offering to help, when you have, or can make, the time required. Don’t contact everyone at once.

What will happen?

Everyone will see a slightly different result. Here’s what we know for sure: You will end up doing work that matters.

The time you invest in this will be filled by helping some great people – the people whose faith in you and whose investment in you is why you have a business today. It makes sense on every level to take time to invest in them!

You will deepen your relationships with every client you contact. Whether they are active or inactive clients they will never feel quite the same way about you, after you grasp the initiative to pitch in and help, when they need you the most.

Business is all about people. It serves our clients and ourselves, to deepen our relationships and invest in them.

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  1. Love this idea, particularly if you are having a lull in work. If nothing else it is always good to keep dialogue going and keep yourself in people’s minds. I’m off to try it now and see what responses I get back.

    • Firstly, I’d like to thank you for your feedback via Twitter earlier, Shaun. I appreciate you.

      Yes, that dialogue is extremely valuable.

      Thanks again!

  2. Oh, Mr Connolly!

    Thank you so much for the offer, but I’m OK at the moment 😉

    Err.. did I get that wrong?

    (quick reread…)

    Hmm, so I did. But I will admit to ‘pinching’ a few ideas from here anyway to pass on to my clients !


    Kind regards,

  3. You know what Jim, even though I wasn’t in a position to employ your services when I first made that call.. The added value you bring to the table is just AweSoMe!!

    • In fairness Tony, blogs make it easy to give value to people.

      I love what I do and get an enormous feeling of fulfilment from sharing useful ideas with people.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Jim — Great post! Including some valuable information in your outreach to lapsed customers will make your effort even more effective. A white paper or even a reprint of an article is all you need. Steve

    • Hi there, Steve.

      Thanks for the suggestion. I think the primary value is in ‘human element’ of the outreach, but that’s another way of making content, if you have thousands of people to deal with.

      Thanks for the feedback, sir.

  5. Jim,

    Reaching out a helping hand is always a good idea.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  6. Very well said. The trend about social media marketing is undeniable. I agree with the blogger’s idea about deepening your relationships with every client you contact. With good presentation and honest opinions regarding answers to questions asked, the social community can have a clear picture of a product/craft; hence, becoming well-informed. As they share thoughts, ideas and assessments, you may not even be aware that the social community is already selling out your company’s products or services.
    Thumbs up for this blog.

  7. Awesome strategy here, Jim… Most of the things you share are awesome!

    Off to share – cheers, sir! : )

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