It’s about time

When it comes to sales or marketing, timing matters.

Timing and value

During this summer’s Olympics, a local supermarket was selling the official Olympic mascots for £10 each. A week after the games finished, they had a member of staff giving the mascots away for free, as you left the store.

The product didn’t change. The timing changed.

If we want to get the best return from our marketing activities, we need to make sure that our timing is as good as possible.

For example:

  • The time to ask someone to visit your website or ‘like’ you on Facebook, is not via a Direct Message on Twitter the moment they follow you.
  • The time to start planning your marketing for 2013, is not January 2013. It’s now.
  • The time to massively improve your customer service, is not after clients start to complain or after a new competitor shows up.

The typical small business owner focuses on marketing, when something goes wrong or in reaction to a competitor. You have to be wiser than that, if you want 2013 to be a NEW year and not simply another chance to relive the same old year, over again (and again).

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