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How to get the wrong kind of attention!

I watched recently, as someone on Twitter asked his followers if they would recommend a blog for him to read. He specifically asked people not to send him a link to their own blog.

I asked him afterwards what feedback he received. He said all, except one person, tweeted a link to their own site.

There were 2 things there, which were of interest to me:

  1. I found it interesting that he would need to ask people not to self-promote.
  2. I also found it interesting that these people were prepared to make themselves look so desperate and needy.

What drives business owners to do that?

So, why does this happen? In my experience, business owners pester you when their marketing isn’t compelling enough to attract your attention. In other words, instead of fixing their marketing so that it’s attractive, they push broken marketing at you.

You see it all the time:

  • When no one is subscribing to their newsletter, they subscribe you to it without your consent, then spam you.
  • When no one is visiting their website or blog, they bombard you on social networks with links to themselves.
  • When no one is calling them, they interrupt you with unwanted cold calls.

Commanding attention works better than demanding it

A more effective approach, is to command attention rather than try and demand attention by being a pest. This means developing marketing, which people will embrace and share. It means having the courage to stand out.

Of course, this requires a change in strategy and tactics, but the upside is huge.

You command attention.

You attract interest.

You capture people’s imagination and gain word of mouth referrals.

You generate opportunities.

Most importantly of all, it works.

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  1. I cringe when I see people pushing themselves on others, like that Jim.

    It’s embarrasing to watch and extremely harmful to the people doing it. Needy is not a great look.

  2. I agree – I’m against what I call Desperation Marketing. However, there is a difference between Sales and that… cold calling works, better than ever because so few people are willing to pick up the phone. They bombard you with Tweets and Posts and Emails, because rejection is so much easier to take digitally.

    Of course,the call has to be to a targeted recipient, but it works.

    • Great post Jim,

      I hate the cold callers. Lowest form of marketing, by people with no respect for other peoples time. It’s 2012 people, not 1980. :)

    • Hi Amy. I appreciate your feedback.

      Personally and professionally, I dislike all non-permission marketing and find it both unnecessary and pushy.

      Thanks for the comment.

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