Stop trying to please everyone

You can’t keep everyone happy and as a business owner, you shouldn’t even try.

Every successful business has one thing in common: They know exactly who their customer is and they focus on making them happy.

Pleasing your target market

  • The people at Apple focus on building products, which people who value their approach to design will love. They don’t offer poorly designed, bargain basement products to try and capture that end of the market. They focus on pleasing the people who ‘get’ what they are about.
  • The people at McDonald’s focus on pleasing people who are in a hurry, who want fast food.
  • The fancy restaurant half a mile away from that MacDonald’s will charge you 20 times as much for the same number of calories, because they are trying to please people who value a top end eating experience.

Who are you trying to please with your business?

If you’re trying to please everyone, you’re lacking direction and missing out on an massive amount of business.

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