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When we work through gritted teeth, it shows!

You can always tell if someone is really enjoying what they do or if they are simply phoning it in – just going through the motions.

I spoke with the owner of an independent jewellers recently, who clearly loved her work. I was buying my wife some earrings and asked the owner for some help. She spoke with genuine passion and interest and her knowledge was incredible.

As I paid for the earrings, I told the owner that it was clear that she loved what she did. She replied that she has been fascinated with jewellery since she was a child and had always wanted to work in the profession. She started off working in a jewellers as a Saturday job when she was a kid, then got a full time job, slowly working her way up to store manager, before buying her first shop.

When we are not interested in what we do, it also shows

Just as a passion for what we do is reflected in our performance and results, when we do something we don’t really enjoy it also shows.

For instance, I love using Google+ and have a network of 17,000 people there. Google+ drives more visitors to my sites than all the other social networks combined and is a constant source of creative inspiration and business leads. I also love to use Twitter and 7,000 people connect with me there.

Then there’s Facebook. As anyone who knows me will confirm, I really don’t like using Facebook. And it shows! Just 1,000 people have ‘liked’ my Facebook page, because I deliberately do very little to promote it and chose to focus my energy on Google+ and Twitter instead. I know how to develop great social networks, but when it comes to Facebook, I dislike the experience too much to spend the time required there.

An alternative to doing what you dislike

If there are areas of your business that you don’t enjoy, consider replacing them with better alternatives. If you dislike selling, do what I do and attract leads instead. This blog drives sales of my audio program and client inquiries every day. If you dislike doing the paperwork, hire someone who loves it and watch your productivity and profitability improve.

In short: We have two options. We can learn to fall in love with the elements of our business that we currently dislike. We can find better alternatives. Simply going through the motions is a low leverage approach.

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  1. Different strokes, Jim, is what makes the world go round. I do love my work with resume clients and clients who need me to help them figure out their career paths but I know resume writers who came in and out of the business. As for your Facebook dislike, I use my personal page more than the business page and find lots of connections and rapport there. I know others who don’t want anyone to know they have a personal page. Different strokes.

    • As you know Julie, I’m not a fan of Facebook but I appreciate others enjoy it.

      It’s good to know you are seeing results there.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. A fantastic post, from my favourite blogger.

    This point about how our passion or lack of passion comes through makes an essential point. I don’t think many business people know how their feelings about what they do are transferred to their customers.

    If they did, they’d work on it a lot more.

    Thanks Jim.

    PS – Not sure if it’s just me but I feel that over the past couple of months, your blogs have somehow ratcheted the value up another notch.

  3. It’s interesting to read about how you prefer Google+ and how good it has been for you. I have not used it too much but decided over the weekend that I should start using it more. That said, even though I have a very small Facebook page, I do find it good for sending traffic to my site and have generated leads from it.

    • Some people seem better suited to certain networks than others, Shaun.

      I sent a lot of traffic to Facebook, when I had my Facebook ‘like’ box here, but got very little from it – compared to Twitter or Google+.

      I also dislike how Facebook now only put your updates into ‘some’ of your friends/fans stream. That is, unless you pay them to promote the update – when they will allow you to connect with them.

      Thanks for the feedback, sir.

  4. Play to your strengths is what I always say.

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