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Increase word of mouth referrals with this simple idea

Give this a try:

  • Think of 3 amazing things, which you would LOVE your marketplace to be saying about you or your business.
  • Write them down.
  • Next, put a plan together of the things you will need to do, in order for your marketplace to be spreading those amazing stories about you.

Switching focus

Every small business owner wants to attract more word of mouth referrals, yet they almost always focus on the wrong area. Instead of creating an experience, which becomes a remarkable story worth sharing – they focus on how to motivate people to share an unremarkable story.

People are hard-wired to want to communicate with each other. Give them an experience worth talking about and that’s exactly what they will do.

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  1. Jim,

    You put so much value in so few words. That’s quite some gift you have.


  2. Dear Jim,

    This makes it clear to me that many books I’m seeing that push the idea of promotion are missing the key point. Build whats worth talking about and stand back. Let the people speak.

    Many thanks.


  3. Nice post Jim. As a marketing consultant myself, I find that in the end, whatever works to get potential customers in your door is what counts. In my own experience, that comes about through, like you mentioned, having a story. People love telling stories, and having a business in a great story will make someone take a second look at that company.

  4. Jim your posts boil down a topic to the essentials and spurs action. Just wanted to let you know your work’s appreciated. Looking forward to more.

  5. So, it’s not all about telling a story about you and hoping it to go viral. It’s all about deciding the end objective and slogging hard to create that experience…really insightful Jim and that too conveyed in just few words. I wish one day I could write so precise the way you do it.

    • Hi Miliind. Welcome to the blog. Sadly, people tend to want a ‘fast and simple’ way to do things, so webinar providers and some business bloggers oblige with bullcrap. Just like those people selling you the idea of a flat tummy if you use their ad machine for 3 minutes a day, they are feeding a need.

      Yes, intelligent activity is required. That may not be as sexy a message as ‘use this killer viral trick’ – but it’s the truth.

      Thanks for your kind words regarding my writing. I find it gets easier to write with brevity, the more often you do it.

  6. Thanks for the tip Jim. As an owner of a small business it’s very difficult to attract more customers, specially when you get stepped on by bigger companies. I guess a better focus on my company goal and small promotion wouldn’t hurt anyone. Thanks again!

    • Hi Josh. Many small business owners fail to play to their strengths. They ‘think’ like big businesses, only smaller. The reality is that small business owners can move faster – be more agile – react to opportunities, faster than big companies.

      Play to your strengths, Josh. Thanks for taking time to comment, sir.

  7. Great words, simple and straight to the point. This simple idea can surely point small business owners to the right direction. Thanks Jim.

  8. What about handing out fliers and talking to people on the streets?

    • Hi Charles. If a brand needs to do that, it’s because people are not already talking about them. Far better to find out why they need to be in the street pestering people, than carry on pestering them. Yes, just like cold calling, if you pester enough people ‘some’ will say yes. It’s a very expensive, frustrating way to attract the attention of your marketplace, in my experience.

      Hope that helps.

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