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20 minutes of pure awesomeness

If you find yourself with 20 minutes spare today, here’s how to fill it with awesomeness!

  • Send a handwritten note to thank someone, who has helped or inspired you recently.
  • Comment on a blog you value, but have never previously commented on.
  • Send someone flowers – just because.
  • Write a newsletter article or blog post, about something that has been extremely useful to you, which will help your readers.
  • Send out a tweet, recommending a person, product or service that you appreciate.
  • Contribute to a charity that does great work; either financially or by helping them spread their message (or both).

It’s amazing how much awesomeness you can squeeze into 20 minutes, if you try. You see, not only will you make another person feel awesome by appreciating them – you make yourself feel awesome too.

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  1. Well, seeing as I have 20 minutes to spare I’ll follow your advice by leaving a comment on this blog that I value but haven’t commented on yet! 😉 I’ve been reading your posts for a few weeks and have found them to be of immense value. I’m currently growing my online and offline business so I need all the help I can get – many thanks for all the work you do to share your great ideas with us!
    P.S. You are right – there is so much awesomeness that you can fit into 20 minutes – even just a little act of appreciation that takes a few minutes can make a big difference for someone.

  2. This one amazed me Jim.

    My wife was in a minor car accident that broke her mobile phone as it was on the dashboard. She called the phone company O2 to ask about how to claim for a new phone on her insurance. The people at the phone company sent her the details, then a few weeks later sent a follow up email to make sure everything went through ok, and signed off saying they hoped she was feeling better after the accident.

    It’s a small thing, but that human touch at the end of an email made a huge difference to her.

    Thanks Jim.

  3. Jim,

    I like the recommending people. I firmly believe that in this social world we should be promoting our network 20:1 vs promoting to our network.

    Great stuff


  4. Hi Jim,

    Reinforces how much good we can do in such a short period of time! Thanks for the post.


  5. Given that we reap what we sow it make sense to pay it forward. This is a timely reminder and so much more powerful than people may believe.


  6. I would spend time in teaching people. Like to spend time with small children. Children are the god’s gift.

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