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12 Ideas to help you and your business thrive in 2013

Let’s get started.

  1. Look for the opportunities, where others see problems.
  2. Back up your plans with action.
  3. Do what’s right, rather than what’s easy.
  4. Choose to respond to negativity with education, not anger.
  5. Regularly feed your mind with information that educates, motivates or inspires you.
  6. Deliver on your promises.
  7. Look for the learning in every situation.
  8. Stop following the sheep and have the courage to be yourself.
  9. Do work that matters, rather than work that pays.
  10. Start your projects with the end in mind.
  11. Know less about reality TV and more about reality.
  12. Create rather than complain.
  13. Exceed expectations.

What would you add to that list?

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  1. A great list that got me thinking Jim.

    I’d add that we need to build better relationships with others.


  2. Love your list Jim, I would add Keep Healthy. You can’t do them unless you stay healthy :) Have a great new year ahead.

  3. Great list Jim.

    I would add, step back periodically and take a look at the bigger picture. Although that’s an extension of number 10 it’s too easy to get bogged down in everyday details and forget what’s most important and what you’re working towards and why.

    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!


  4. Dear Jim,

    I would add:
    Respect your co-workers and praise them for their achievements now and for what they have realised in the past.

  5. Hi Jim,

    This is great and I think #11 is my favorite!

    I would add: Take personal responsibility for absolutely every decision you make.

    But I would only add that one because you asked :)
    Thanks again!

  6. You forgot to add, utilise clichés for blog posts ^^

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