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Making a noise or making a difference?

If you take a look at any social network or visit any networking event, the people there can be placed into one of the following broad groups.


  1. People who are making a noise. They are simply adding to the background chatter.
  2. People who are making a difference. They are being listened to. Their voices are the ones we tune into.

Which group am I in?

Most of us would like to be in that second group. The easiest way for us to determine if we are, is for us to ask ourselves the following question and then answer it as honestly as we can:

If I failed to show up, would people really miss me?

The people who struggle for attention usually focus on making noise. We don’t miss them when they’re not there. They send us DM spam on Twitter. They add us to their newsletter list without permission. They push their product or service at us on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin. They pester us at networking events, pretending to be interested in us, just waiting to hit us with a sales pitch. Their thinking looks like this: If I can just pester enough people, someone will listen to me.

Rather than craft a more compelling story, they push a bland story harder and harder.

A more effective approach

A better approach, is to focus on making a difference. When your work or your ideas are making a difference, people talk about you. They ask you about your ideas. They speak with their friends about you when you are not there. They become engaged with you.

Yes, making a difference requires more creative thinking than pestering people, however, it’s a lot easier, it’s less stressful… and it works!

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  1. I think I am making a difference instead of making noise. It can be quite hard to get to that point but hopefully others can learn from the examples that you shared. The bottom line is being unique in your craft.

  2. I’m making both, my true passion is to help people, even when they think they don’t need it.

    I’m 55 and making noise is actually fun and easy on the Interwebs,but making a difference is where the real value of my life is. I’ve said it a million times, how many people are better off because you lived?

    Noise has it’s place, but it’s calculated, making a difference has more freedom, you only have to decide where and how.


    • Hi Owen. The definition of noise I’m using here is not the traditional definition. It’s the meaningless chatter that we filter out because it’s generic or dull.

      I’m sure by that definition, you’re more of a making a difference guy ;)

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. Making a noise is not part of the attraction marketing bible is it Jim?

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