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Do you stand behind your work?

As business owners, we face a challenge every day: To rise above the broken promises of those who went before us.

Allow me to explain

  • When we say we go the extra mile for our clients, the marketplace was promised that before, by someone who failed to deliver.
  • When we say we finish projects on time and on budget, the marketplace was promised that before, by someone who failed to deliver.
  • When we say our work creates great results, the marketplace was promised that before, by someone who failed to deliver.


Promises, promises

Whenever we make any statement about the value of our services, the marketplace will have been promised it before, from someone who failed to deliver. As a result, these claims wash over prospective clients. They have nothing like the power that many business owners believe.

Unless… they are supported with undeniable evidence. This is tricky. Even some top websites have been busted, for getting their friends to endorse their products with fake testimonials. Review sites are also littered with fake, positive reviews. This means our legitimate testimonials and promises are viewed through a filter.

Thankfully, there is a super-effective alternative, which provides the essential proof our prospective clients or customers need.

Standing behind your own work

Another option is to make better promises. The kind of promises that are easy for people to believe. This is how I market my own business. It means building a solid, professional reputation and then standing behind your own work.

This approach takes time and requires proof. One of the finest ways to do this, is to create a business blog and show up regularly with useful information.


When someone arrives on your blog, they can see that you regularly share useful ideas on your topic. They get an insight into your abilities and commitment. For example, when people come to Jim’s Marketing Blog for the first time, they can see 5 years worth of work and thousands of ideas. Before they speak to me or email me, they can see that I know my subject and that I can be relied on to start something and stick with it.

I suggest you consider doing the same. Make 2013 the year you decide to take business blogging seriously. The rewards are huge. I can help you and show you exactly what you need to do. To find out more, click here!

Let's grow your business... together! I can help you build a more successful business, increase your sales and boost your profits. It's you and me, working as a team to help you achieve the results you have always wanted. To find out more, read this!


  1. Why are so many corporate blogs devoid of personality? This is a problem… What would you (do you) instruct a large corporate to do in terms of blogging?


    • Hi Geoff. People have personalities, big corporations have an ‘image’.

      When you write a blog, we can read your posts and get a feel for the person behind your business. It seems like a personal communication.

      When a corporation has a blog, it’s often multi-authored and lacks a consistent voice. In my experience, this often makes the writing less approachable.

      The corporates that get it right, match the communication style of the blog, to the outcome they want to achieve.

  2. Jim,

    The blog is how I discovered your work and read it every day now. It seems like I know you and your way of working even though we’ve never met.

    Blogging in this way is indeed most powerful.



  3. How about infusing some sanity to your lofty business promises? This should help. Don’t forget to share it with the like-minded community on the first ever anonymous social channel. http://bit.ly/W6Fn1m

  4. Standing behind our own work is the main thing on which we have to work for so that we can always in touch with our promises and stuffs

  5. The problem with many companies is that in order to compete they end up promising so much that sometimes the value is gone or overused as stated. I do agree though the best way to make sure consumers go for your brand is by good work or products.

    • You make a great point. It has never been harder to fake it than it is today.

      Thanks to Google, so much of what we do is visible to prospective clients.

      Thank you for the feedback.

  6. Thanks for the heads up and motivation Jim. Let’s make 2013 the year to “get real”

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