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How approachable are you?

How easy is it, for your prospective clients or customers to get in touch with you?

I’m not talking about how visible your phone number, email address and contact form are. I’m referring to something that is just as important and yet seldom written about: How approachable you sound to a prospective client.

how approachable are you

Are you approachable enough?

For example

  • When a prospective client is reading your newsletter, how approachable do you sound to them? The best newsletters are written, so that the author comes across as friendly and informed. The worst are written by people who come across as lacking in personality or distant.
  • When a prospective client reads the comments section on your blog, how approachable do you sound to them? Some bloggers can be patronising or sarcastic when people ask them questions. This is a bad move, if you want prospective clients to feel comfortable contacting you.
  • When a prospective client reads the about page on your website, how approachable do you sound? Many small business owners write their about page in the 3rd person, rather than speak directly to their reader. Instead of saying ‘Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Bob and…’ they start with ‘Bob has worked in web design since 2002…’

If we want prospective clients or customers to approach us for help, we need to do everything possible to let them know that we are welcoming and approachable. Business is all about people, so it makes perfect sense to keep it human.

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  1. Another point I would add to this is that your personality comes over when you write.

    I have never spoken with Jim but I feel like I know him and would be comfortable talking to him.



  2. Hi Jim,

    Another flaw is ARROGANCE. Some bloggers are really arrogant on Twitter and on their blogs. Theres no room for that in business. Who wants to do business with an arrogant individual? No one!!

    Really enjoyed the article. Thank you.

    • Hi Louis. You make a good point about social networks. Some people seem unaware that their prospective clients or customers can see what they do on social networks.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  3. This is truly an issue is rarely talked about blogs. I am guilty of using the third person in my about page. I‘ve taken a decision this year to rework but my about page and my social media profiles. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. I think being approachable is very important – like getting in the heads of your clients or visitors, and trying to communicate with them with their interests and concerns. Thanks for your post.

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