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3 Tips to help you get massively better sales results

Here are 3 tips, to help you get massively better results from your advertising, email marketing, mail shots and blog marketing messages.

Let’s go!

1. Get your message right


No matter how great your product or service is, unless it’s marketed with compelling copy (wording), you will struggle to achieve the sales results you want. People need to read your message and then feel inspired to take action; to buy from you, call you, email you, visit your store, etc.

Pedestrian copy lacks the impact required to motivate readers to do anything. Either learn how to write great marketing messages or hire someone, who already knows how to. Don’t let your business be one of those, which loses a fortune in sales needlessly, because of ineffective copy.

2. Get your audience right

So much marketing fails, purely because it doesn’t get in front of the right people. Once you know who your prospective clients or customers are, you need to think about the best way to target them, so they see your message.

For instance, Jim’s Marketing Blog is a highly targeted publication, which is read by owners of small and medium sized businesses. If you wanted to reach business owners with your marketing message, this blog would be a great place to do it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Build a list of readers. Don’t buy the list! If you use email marketing, are you certain that your ‘list’ is highly targeted? Also, if you purchased the list, there’s a good chance that the people on it have had their email address sold to thousands of other businesses and were getting deluged with relentless spam. These people often either set up a strong junk mail filter, allowing only white-list emails through – or they will have abandoned the email address completely. As a result, you may think your email marketing messages are reaching 10,000 people, when they are only being read by a small fraction of that number.

If possible, and it’s always possible, build your own email marketing list. This is a key area I focus on with my clients and I suggest you learn how to build a great list, too.

3. Get your timing right

Great comedy and great marketing have one thing in common… timing! So, here’s a great question to ask yourself, when planning your marketing: ‘How relevant is my message, at the point where people connect with it?’ For example, it’s harder to sell certain products on the 3rd week of a month, than at the very end of a month, because of people’s monthly pay cycles.

Know your market and learn when they prefer to buy. Then focus on getting your marketing message in front of them, at the best possible time.

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  1. totally agree and would also say that once you’ve got it right keep doing it. remember “babycham” got it so right for so long then some hot shot decided they had the market and slashed the xmas advertising. as i say remember them?

  2. advertising, email marketing, mail shots and blog marketing messages help a lot in getting better sales.

  3. Very cool reminder. Thanks Jim… I have a little note beside me and in my brain that I use when talking to potential clients and it simply says… what is it they want?

    I think it is super important to know who we are talking to and how we can best help them.


    • Hello there Geoff.

      In the 1980’s, when I first studied marketing in New York, I had a card on my desk, which said something similar: “What’s in it for them?”

      Thanks for your contributions to the blog. I appreciate your feedback.

  4. Shannon Buckland

    January 25, 2013 at 18:28

    My first comment here Jim, though I have read your blog for ages.

    This is exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks for showing up for people like myself, who need help from someone we know we can trust.

    Love and light, as someone I know would say :)

    • In that case, Shannon – welcome to the comments ;)

      Thanks for the kind words and it’s great to know you found the post useful.

      Love and light!

  5. I truly agree with you as one needs to target the right kind of audience to make the sale. Just cannot promote it to everyone right.

  6. Without tips and tricks no one can do a good and professional marketing. These tips are also very useful for every marketing person for better sales. Marketing is name of tricks and your representation.

  7. It’s important to remember that you need all three in order to be successful. Right time and message by wrong audience hearing it? Wasted opportunity. Right message and right audience but no one is listening? Another waste.

  8. Hi Jim,
    First and foremost THANKS for providing such a abundance of valuable information. Being a small business we really are very happy about it. Although we know your goal is to sell and you are an outstanding sales person, your approach feels real and very honest and not as if you ONLY have your sales in mind. That makes such a difference.
    Secondly YES to all three :) and I started sending out marketing emails some 1.5 years ago the best impact of any we reached when we published to our potential and former guests a very personal message – the birth of our twin grandchildren. We never reached that much active and positive reaction before. So authenticity is definitely one of the major aspects of any marketing.
    Again thanks for offering such a great wealth of information!
    Shirley from the Abadin B&B Canada

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