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I have an important message today, for any of you who are going through a tough time right now.

Vision and visionaries

Vision is the ability to see. A visionary is someone, who uses her imagination to see what will be.


Most people get so caught up in the moment, that they fail to see what’s coming. As a marketing professional, I see examples of this all the time.

For example:

  • When times are tough, business owners often get disheartened about their future. After days, weeks or months of problems, they start to believe that THIS is how things will always be.
  • When times are great, they assume things will never change. So, they fail to market their services. It’s only when they lose a major account that they decide to start marketing again. Thus begins the common feast and famine cycle.

Turning a bad situation around

We need to learn how to not only see things the way they are, but also the way they will be. Yes, your business (or life) may be going through a tough patch right now, but you are never more than one good idea away from turning it around. Never let yourself forget that.

Here are some free ideas, to get your business back on track.

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  1. I see people celebrating when sales are up and complaining when they are down instead of focusing on marketing their site/products to get consistent sales.

  2. you are right one should concentrate on vision and goals and not just on short term down falls.

  3. Just went to read some “Free ideas how to get your business back on track” This advice is invaluable. It is so easy to ask the wrong questions when one is under the cosh.

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