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5 Amazing times for you and your business

Here are 5 ways to use time super effectively.


  1. Consistently showing up on time, is a great way to build a reputation for reliability.
  2. Sending your mailing or newsletter out at the right time, is essential if you want to maximise its effectiveness.
  3. Finishing projects on time, is so rare that it sets you head and shoulders above the competition.
  4. Learning how to get the most from your work time, is the key to exceptional productivity.
  5. Last and by no means least… Showing respect for other people’s time, is the hallmark of a true professional.

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  1. Arriving on time gives you to prepare your presentation on your laptop, setup the projector and put your cell phone on vibrate if you are in charge of a meeting.

  2. (Number 6) Read blogs that get tons of info across, quickly :)

    Thanks Jim X

  3. I don’t deliver on time when I over promise. For me it’s about accurately projecting a “delivery date” and not over-estimating my own productivity.

    A great five points Jim

  4. I agree with number 1. One of my pet hates is people who never turn up on time. I always strive to arrive 5 minutes early, just in case. What really REALLY irks me is people who think that if they send a text or email half an hour before a meeting, saying they’re going to be late, makes it okay. It doesn’t. I’m usually already on my way.

    • Hi Ruth. You make a good point. No one like to be left waiting.

      Those in business who believe this is acceptable are already paying the price – whether they know it or not.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Any chance you could expand on point 2 with examples or anything?
    I didn’t think of it before, really but I release a newsletter on Fridays which may be giving clients the whole weekend to forget it.
    Do you, for example, think Monday might be a better day in most settings?
    Thanks for this. Thought provoking as always

    • Hi Steve. The only way to find the best day for you to publish, is to do some testing and measuring. Try different days and measure the feedback. You will quickly find that there is a particular day or particular days, where you get a better response. Friday was my worst day when I wrote a B2B newsletter, with Tuesday and Wednesday easily the best. Your mileage may vary – which is why you need to see what works best for you.

      Hope that helps.

  6. Value your own time.

    Funnily enough my last post on my personal blog was on the subject of time, though written from a different angle.

    Good points made Jim!

    • Well said, Stuart. The first step in maximising your time, is to realise it’s your primary resource.

      Thanks for the superb suggestion.

  7. Hi Jim, thanks for those great tips.
    I just have a remark regarding this question of time: as an entrepreneur, I recognize that I’m never on time, and when I say never, it’s even with all the great efforts I put in I must say this is my biggest default.
    By experience, the simple thing not to be late is to organize yourself with your personal schedule and moderate yourself.
    Don’t tell people ‘yes’ i’ll be on time on the time they propose you, try the opposite way: take control of your personal schedule, don’t overestimate yourself because you want to fit to others. Take the opposite way, the way people will understand that your time is precious, your time is important: the one people will be on time for you.

  8. I think you have covered this point well Jim. It is so important to respect yours and other people’s time, it is a commodity that no one can afford to waste.

  9. Being punctual and delivering the services with in the requested time is the best and far most important thing for any Business Entrepreneur.

  10. For me, there is nothing worse than when people don’t respect my time. My kids know to be ready for me to teach them in the am with everything that they need. I drum into them how important my time is, especially if they want me to spend time with them later on or on weekends.

  11. What a great post, I would add take your time.
    Take your time to ensure all the information that goes out to customers is correct. An article, blog post or newsletter that has been put together in a hurry reflects in its quality. Potential and existing customers will know that no time or care has been taken when they receive a shoddy newsletter.

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