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What is winning the battle for your attention?

The most successful business owners focus on doing what matters. In order to have enough time to do everything that matters, she ignores everything that doesn’t matter.

Her approach is simple: She knows what needs to be done, she does it first and she does it as well as she possibly can.

The average business owner focuses on whatever is noisiest in that moment. He allows what’s happening around him, to dictate his attention and productivity.

He finds himself often complaining that there are not enough hours in the day, rather than accept that it’s his use of time that’s the issue. He has the same 24 hours each day as the most productive person in his field, after all.

24 hours

An alternative approach

Identify the key tasks we need to do each day. Then do them, first.

When they are done, we’re ready to receive calls, check Facebook, tweet or hit send/receive on our email. We may even have enough time to respond to the noisy people who we often mistake for needing our urgent attention, because of their volume. Just do the important tasks first.

There will never be enough time for you to do everything, so make sure it’s the least important stuff that’s left on the table at the end of your day.

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  1. Sometimes understanding what’s important and what’s just noise is hard. For example, in the technology field there are news every day and you have to see what’s really important, what’s buzz, what’s hype and so on.

    In my opinion, experience is important so for example I learned that some sources have greater authority and I rely on them.

  2. Great post Jim. I have a core list of priorities which I work through each day. It works well for me also.

  3. Jim, I get this – I do this, so it’s great to be told it’s the right thing to do. Thank You!

  4. Me again….should have also said: Just been trying to instill the same ideas in my assistant. I need her to recognise the ‘must do’s’ versus the ‘can wait’ jobs. Not easy for everyone to see that as clearly!
    I might subscribe her to your blog :)

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