4 Tips on how to spot a legitimate opportunity

Here are 4 tips, to help you identify legitimate opportunities and avoid the fake ones.


  1. Legitimate opportunities seldom look like certainties. There is always a risk attached. If it looks too good to be true, that’s because it is!
  2. The bigger the opportunity, the bigger the risk will seem. Warren Buffett wins big, however, he is prepared to lose big too and has lost millions on bad deals.
  3. Fake opportunities are packaged to look like there’s a massive upside, with little if any downside. So long as you send them X amount of money, of course. Low value franchise ‘opportunities’ are sold this way too. Scammers target people who are looking for low risk or no risk opportunities.
  4. You are seldom interrupted by a legitimate opportunity. You have to spot them or make them. They do not arrive from strangers, direct to your inbox.

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